Can You Make Money With Affiliate Wealth Maximizer

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Wealth Maximizer

Hello there again my fellow sea changers. I hope you are all having a great day. Today we continue our journey into the world of online income generation by looking at a platform that I have come across recently called Affiliate Wealth Maximizer. This is a platform that provides access to a number of affiliate programs that allow you to join for free to earn recurring affiliate marketing income. I have to say that from the start it all looks pretty good so can you make money with Affiliate Wealth Maximizer? Let’s check it out as see…

So, for this post I will:

  • Join.
  • Setup my account as per their instructions.
  • See how I can make money using the system.

What is Affiliate Wealth Maximizer?

Affiliate Wealth Maximizer - member page

Affiliate Wealth Maximizer is a free builder system that allows members to earn passive income from their catalogue of free affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions. Their marketing page outlines that there is no need to “waste your money on income opportunities and systems that require memberships fees when you can earn passive monthly income with FREE affiliate programs?!”

The program sells itself as being suitable for newbies and experiences affiliate marketers alike and goes to great lengths to outline that it is not a Multi Level Marketing or get rich quick scheme and that you do not need to refer people to the website to use it (you do however need to to earn commissions from your links – but more on that later).

How does it work?

Ok, so I have joined the program – which is, and apparently will always be, free. This is due to the fact that they appear to make their money from their own ads and affiliate links within the platform – which I have no problem with to be honest. In short, the program works as follows:

  1. You join and set up your affiliate account links.
  2. You then refer people to the Affiliate Wealth Maximizer program who also sign up.
  3. Once they have signed up, they can join your programs via the links you have provided.
  4. You make money on the commissions from their memberships and they, in turn make money from the people they refer from their own links.

Oh, now I see why they go to great lengths to explain that it is not a MLM program – it’s not – but I see why they say it… Anyway, from the initial members page I am presented with series of sections that I can run through to get started – which I will do now…

Section 1 – Edit My Details

This section requires me to:

  1. Add my profile photo
  2. Create a Coinpayments account (not sure why this is here – Commissions are paid directly from the vendor)

My links for my email autoresponder are also located in this section.

Section 2 – >> Edit Downline Builder<<

This section is where you can find the free-to-join affiliate programs as mentioned within the joining pages of the platform. Each program is listed with:

  • Links to the program (these are affiliate links – again not a problem but just so you are aware).
  • Banners.
  • Outline of commissions to be earned.
Affiliate Wealth Maximizer - teir programs

Note: some of the programs listed have membership options but are not mandatory – in many cases a paid membership will yield higher commissions.

Section 3 – Edit My Profile Links

Section 3 allows me to enter the affiliate links to the programs I have joined – as accessed via the >> Edit Downline Builder << section above – which lists all of the free to join programs that are recommended within the site.

Affiliate Wealth Maximizer - section 2

Section 4 – Affiliate Tools / Stats

This is where I can find all of my links, banners, social media tags and so on that I can use to refer people to join the Affiliate Wealth Maximizer program. This is the basis of making money with the site.

Affiliate Wealth Maximizer - section 3

Other Sections

Other options within the menu include:

  • Referral Stats
  • Support/FAQ
  • SendSteed Form Code Generator (SendSteed is their recommended Autoresponder)

AWM Library

The final section of the platform is the AWM Library. This appears to be a link to a real lot of JV ZOO and Warrior + type programs (such as Vanquish and Quantum Commissions) that you are able to join. These will all cost to join and are (to be honest) generally not worth the money paid to access them.

Whilst I don’t dislike this platform, this is one section I would avoid.

How can I get paid?

Ok, so once this is all set up then you make money via traditional affiliate marketing processes:

  1. You join the programs of your choice within the Affiliate Wealth Maximizer platform.
  2. You refer traffic to them through customised affiliate links.
  3. Referrals join the programs you recommend via the internal links to your site.
  4. The vendors then pay you a commission for the sale.

Can you make money with Affiliate Wealth Maximizer?

Absolutely, and on face value the platform does give you an advantage of having links to a nice number of free-to-join recurring commission paying platforms in the one place. You will need however – as it is with any sustainable affiliate marketing process – a method under which to attract affiliate marketers to your links. This can be via:

Or any other marketing method you have at your disposal.

Will you make money with this platform alone without any of the above? No. But to see whether it will work on a website, I have added some banners to this page so I will keep you posted.

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Do I recommend it?

Look, one of the biggest challenges of affiliate marketing is to attract visitors to your links to make a purchase so that you can earn commissions and make money. To me, this platform simply provides another avenue in which to display your affiliate links.

The trouble is, that as stated in the previous section, you will need some media under which to promote your links to the platform so if you are not an established affiliate marketer then I would strongly suggest seeking out some training to assist in this area (NOT the AWM Library products though).

How does it compare to my #1 Recommendation?

Look, the program above is I believe a good way to increase exposure to your affiliate links. However if you are serious about building a solid and sustainable online business, then I recommend that you give Wealthy Affiliate a try (which is by the way an inclusion in the program list within Affiliate Wealth Maximizer).

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training, website building (WordPress editor included) and hosting platform that will guide you through the entire online business building process, including Social media and SEO in an easy to follow but comprehensive manner. And best of all, you can join for free and get access to step by step tuition with the tools to develop and host your very own website, help to identify a good niche (or use it to promote this program), 24/7 support and access to some of the best affiliate marketing minds on the planet. Want to know more? Then click on this link to read my complete review about Wealthy Affiliate.


And there it is – my honest opinion on whether you can make money with Affiliate Wealth Maximizer. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. I have joined Affiliate Wealth Maximizer as part of the review and any links you click from my sponsored login will earn me affiliate commissions.

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