Beach and fishing Statistics

This page has been created to outline the statistical growth of the Beach and Fishing site as discussed within the Make That Sea Change Kick Start Training program. These stats are designed to demonstrate how the site has grown based on the processes undertaken within the training and will be updated monthly.

The site was initially created in June 2019 (as per the training videos in Lessons 1 and 2). It then sat ‘dormant' until October 2020 when the site was renewed to a working niche affiliate marketing site. The statistics below commence after the first major month of operation in October 2020.

It should be noted also that the only affiliate program added at this point was Amazon Associates

DatePosts addedGoogle Analytics ViewsAmazon ClicksAmazon SalesCommission TotalYouTube Videos AddedYouTube SubscribersFocus for MonthHighlights
31/10/20201372000Site re-life and formatting
30/11/20205189000Niche alignment
Post template and style consolidation
31/12/202052410000No focus this month
31/01/2021340263$7.7200No focus this monthFirst sales
2 organic comments
28/02/202110711184$5.2620Increase content 1 organic comment
YouTube Channel created
31/03/2021131411284$2.80102Content creation
Increase YouTube presence
First YouTube Subscribers
30/04/2021829125926$21.7454Content creation
Increase YouTube presence
31/05/20211238931638$39.67128Outsourcing some writing
30/06/20211261438421$47.20129Outsource writer hired
31/07/20211957746725$32.1658Outsource writer training and post creationOutsource writer replaced
31/08/20212063243638$22.7389Bed down new writer
Ramp up YouTube video production
30/09/2021176382089*33$29.451010New writer working well
Ramp up SEO practices
*Affiliate code regime adjusted
31/10/202118749223936$57.291115Outsourcing work doubled for Nov
31/01/202216860149923$31.36225Revamp and SEO strategies to begin