Hello there Sea Changers. Welcome back to my series of program lists to assist those of you looking to work with the online world with my 10 best funnel software options to close those sales with this year. And of course, as with anything to do with software, there are a lot of options to choose from.

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Hence, choosing which one is the best for your needs can be quite a daunting process. So to assist you here is a list of the 10 best funnel software options that I have found. Let's check them out.

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. Kartra
  3. SamCart
  4. Wishpond
  5. Thrive Suite
  1. Leadpages
  2. Zendesk
  3. Kajabi
  4. ConvertKit
  5. Keap
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10 best online funnel building platforms

Ok, so let's now have a look at the 10 best sales funnel software programs I have found and run through them by looking at:

  • What they offer
  • Features
  • Pricing

And for those of you working within the affiliate marketing space I will highlight program details too.

1. Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review - home

Clickfunnels is an extremely well-known digital product for those looking to implement sales funnels. They have built their popularity on the back of Russel Brunson’s books and some solid funnel building software that offers full end to end functionality including:

  • Fully interactive and functional funnel building software
  • Customer recording and management
  • Sales processing
  • Analytics and sales
  • Email lists and sequences
ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review - stripe1

And as part of its extensive training packages there is access to all aspects of sales and marketing tuition including:

  • Funnel building
  • Copywriting/sales
  • Traffic
  • Business strategies
  • Personal development
  • And more


Click Funnels offers a free trial option with ongoing pricing is as follows:

best funnel software - clickfunnels pricing

Affiliate program

The Clickfunnels affiliate program pays 40% plus upsell commissions on all new products purchased (via their sticky cookies) with a number of entry options for new prospective members. Access is included with your Clickfunnels subscription.

2. Kartra

best funnel software - Kartra home

Our next option, Kartra, is a complete business sales and marketing platform with “everything you need, all in one place”. And to be honest it is hard to disagree with this statement with a full range of features including:

  • Checkout
  • Leads
  • Pages
  • Email
  • Funnels & Campaigns
  • Memberships
  • Surveys & Quizzes
  • Videos
  • Helpdesks
  • Calendars
  • Affiliate management
  • Forms
  • Integrations & API
  • Analytics
  • Agency
  • Marketplace
best funnel software - Kartra features

In fact there is so much here that their support pages outline the fact that with your subscription here, you can replace the following:

  • Email marketing campaign platform
  • Marketing automation platform (letting you build and automate your sales funnels)
  • Marketing page builders (landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, thank you pages, product launch pages, checkout pages, video sales letter pages, and more)
  • Membership portal builders
  • Shopping carts
  • Online form builders
  • Split testing and link tracking software
  • Calendar and appointment scheduling software
  • Helpdesk ticketing systems, including live chat
  • Video hosting (with advanced marketing features)
  • Affiliate management system
  • Campaign analytics platform
  • Custom programming to integrate your various marketing software platforms — Kartra seamlessly integrates all of the above already
  • Graphic designers — Kartra’s professional, stunning templates designed to convert — for pages, emails, forms, and more — take care of that for you


After a 14-day trial that costs $1, pricing is as follows:

best funnel software - Kartra pricing

Affiliate program

Kartra's affiliate program offers a 40% lifetime recurring commission for each new referral to the platform. Application is via the website.

3. SamCart

best funnel software - samcart

SamCart is another comprehensive end to end sales and marketing program that promotes itself as “the easy way to start selling online”. It not only allows users to create landing pages and complete funnels without the need for a website, but also offers the following as well:

  • Unlimited products
  • Custom domains
  • Pre and post order upsells
  • Split testing
  • Pixel tracking and analytics
  • Complete payment processing
  • CRM, website and email autoresponder integrations
  • Membership and subscription services
  • Affiliate management

And as with most programs listed here, there is a great blog to assist you in getting started as well.

best funnel software - samcart sell


SamCart offers a full function 14-day free trial then pricing as follows:

best funnel software - samcart pricing

Affiliate program

The SamCart affiliate program allows members to earn up to $995 upfront for each new SamCart user signed up with recurring commissions as a long as they continue their subscription. Application is via the website.

4. Wishpond

best funnel software - wishpond

Promoting itself as the “all in one marketing platform you need to grow your business and a team of experts doing the work for you”, Wishpond is another all-inclusive option for those looking to market and sell products online. Their functionality works to cover three areas as below:

  • Capture
    • Social Promotions
    • Landing Pages
    • Marketing Funnels
    • Appointments
    • Website Builder
  • Nurture
    • Email Marketing
    • Marketing Automation
    • Leads Database
    • Sales Automation
    • Email API
  • Convert
    • Popups
    • Payments
    • Forms
    • Shopify Marketing

And for those needing a little extra assistance they also offer services around SEO, advertising and marketing as well.

best funnel software - wishpond stripe


Wishpond does offer a free trial option however for ongoing pricing an appointment is required with a ‘specialist' to best plan your options.

Affiliate program

Wishpond offers a recurring 30% commission for every sign up. Application is via the website.

5. Thrive Suite

best funnel software - Thrive Suite

Our next site, Thrive Suite, is another that offers a good suite of features via an “ecosystem of conversion focused tools that all work seamlessly together to help you start and grow your online business”. Again, it allows users to undertake all of their online sales and marketing processes without the need for a website with features including:

  • Website
  • Landing Pages & Funnels
  • Quizzes
  • Online Courses
  • Membership Site
  • Lead Generation
  • Scarcity Campaigns

And whilst this list really doesn't do the site justice, there is certainly enough there to meet the needs of all online marketers.

best funnel software - Thrive Suite sales blurb


Thrive Suite offers the following pricing options along with a 30-day money back guarantee:

best funnel software - Thrive Suite pricing

Affiliate Program

The Thrive Suite affiliate program pays 35% for all new sales then 25% recurring commissions on all subscriptions purchased. Application is via the website.

Get Away From the Rat Race and Work From Home

Anyone wanting to build an online business can get started using Wealthy Affiliate because it has all the tools you need!

You too can start your very own online business here that can make you money from anywhere in the world!!

6. Leadpages

best funnel software - leadpages

For those of you looking to “turn clicks into customers”, Leadpages is a complete end to end funnels based platform that assists online marketers to:

  • Get online
  • Collect quality leads
  • Sell products and services
  • Optimize and grow

This works via a large array of features and functions including:

  • Website templates
  • landing pages
  • Pop-ups
  • Alert bars
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Free Hosting
  • Mobile-Responsive Site Templates
  • Lead Notifications
  • 40+ Standard Integrations
  • Online Sales & Payments
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing

Hosting is unlimited and users retain the rights to all of their own content as well as being able to do all of the above via their own cell phone app too.


Leadpages offers a free 14-day trial with ongoing pricing options as follows:

best funnel software - leadpages pricing

Affiliate Program

The Leadpages affiliate program pays up to 50% commissions per new signup generated. Application is via the website.

7. Zendesk

best funnel software - zendesk

Zendesk is probably more of a Customer Management program than one specifically aimed at sales however the advantage here is that the included functionality allows for complete integration across the whole sales process. This includes:

  • Customisable sales pipelines
  • Email integration with tracking
  • Calendar integration
  • Task and appointment setting
  • Call tracking and recording, and text messages
  • Offline mobile access
  • Pre-built sales dashboards
  • Public apps and integrations
  • Robust APIs—core
  • Onboarding and adoption resources
  • Marketplace integration

As above, this allows for full integration with the entire customer records management (CRM) requirements of companies of all shapes and sizes.

best funnel software - zendesk sales blurb


After a free trial, pricing is as below:

best funnel software - zendesk pricing

Affiliate Program

Zendesk offers a referral program for users who refer their customers. Application is via the website.

8. Kajabi

As with the site above, Kajabi is another program that is better known for another purpose with some very good funnel capabilities included. In this case it is the creation of online courses, coaching services and podcasts etc. however within it's ‘pipeline' capabilities, there is some real good funnel options available as well. This includes the incorporation of:

  • Basic websites
  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Sales and payment processes
  • Members areas
  • Upsells

I use this program myself for my own training courses and have found the funnel software extremely effective.

best funnel software - Kajabi pipelines


After a free 14-day trial, Kajabi's pricing options are as follows:

best funnel software - Kajabi pricing

Affiliate Program

“Kajabi Partners” are paid a 30% lifetime commission for each new member they refer. Application is via the website.

9. ConvertKit

best funnel software - convertkit

Convertkit is another well-known and trusted program aiming predominately at those looking to market their own online creations such as podcasts, books, courses, music, videos or just about anything else you can think of. Their aim is to assist you to grow your audience and foster your community so you can earn a living online via the following features:

  • Landing pages
  • Email signup and marketing
  • Memberships and subscriptions
  • Commerce/Sales

There is also the ability to integrate with other products as well.

best funnel software - convertkit sales blurb


Convert kit assists those at the bootstrapping level with a free version for up to 300 subscribers then ongoing costs as follows:

best funnel software - convertkit pricing

Affiliate Program

ConvertKit offers a 30% commission for 24 months for every person who signs up and becomes a paying customer. Application is via the website.

10. Keap

best funnel software - keap

And finally we finish up with another very large and product rich program called Keap – formally known as ‘Infusionsoft'. This site is another great option for those working within online marketing at all levels with a complete set of features to promote and monetize your material.

As with some of the other options above, Keap is way more than just funnels software and especially built to allow for all aspects of online marketing and customer management to be handled in the one spot.

And although this list really doesn't do the site justice, their main features include:

  • CRM
  • Dedicated phone line & mobile app
  • Automated lead capture & follow up
  • Email marketing
  • Payments & invoicing
  • Appointments
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pipeline & analysis
  • Advanced automation
  • Text marketing
best funnel software - keap sale blurb


After a no obligation 14 day free trial, pricing is as follows:

best funnel software - keap sale pricing

Affiliate Program

At time of writing, the Keap program was not accepting new affiliates into the program.

What is funnel software?

In short, funnel software allows marketers to undertake lead generation, attract potential customers and close sales online. This is undertaken by the creation of software funnels which guide prospective buyers through the sales process.

As an explanation in the online world, suppose a prospective buyer visits a post or landing page on your website. As they click on a call to action, they are siphoned into a secondary sales page that outlines more about the product or service you are selling (much like thumbing through a clothes rack in a retail outlet).

Should they like what they see, a few will purchase – the funnel idea comes from the fact that as people enter your site, they drop off as they go through the sales process until a smaller number actually purchase. See the graphic below:

best funnel software - sales funnel

Many of these platforms also allow marketers to process sales, set up email lists and take payments etc as well.


What is funnel software?

Funnel software allows marketers to undertake lead generation, attract potential customers and close sales online. This is undertaken by the creation of software funnels which guide prospective buyers through the sales process.


So… There are 10 best funnel building software options to capture your sales with this year. I hope it has been helpful for you and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

Oh, and especially comment if you have any experience with these, or any other platforms as well.

Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. This may include sales made via wealthy affiliate or any of the funnel building programs listed above.

Do you want further assistance with any of the above or need help to build your own online marketing website?

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Introducing Wealthy Affiliate, My #1 Recommendation for Setting Up Your Own Online Business

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When I started, I knew I wanted to work online, but had absolutely no idea where to begin! You see I had watched friends of mine run a sales party to sell essential oils and someone asked if they could just sell them online?

Then, as I sat on the bus heading into my office job, I started to wonder if I could do just that, sell essential oils online.

Anything to stop having to catch this bus to and from work every day right!

The trouble was, as I mentioned above, I had no idea how to even start.

So of course I started to look around online and found all these courses! They all promised me riches then took my money but left me with no riches!

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That is the key here! I began on their starter membership and did the training! I then joined as a member and did some more training!

Each night after work, I would do a little more, then a little more.

And to cut a long story short, after 10 months I realized I didn’t really like writing about essential oils, so I sold the site for about $2000. But I had learned so much that I started another – about fishing and camping!

Then, after 18 months (by which time it had earned me close to $10k), I was offered $17k for the site, so I sold it too.

Now, through my travel blog, I’ve been able to fund my passion for travel and explore different places around the world.

In the past few months, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to some amazing destinations, including Bali, Los Angeles, Dallas, Vancouver and Las Vegas.

The success of my travel blog has allowed me to fully fund my travels and explore new destinations with my family.

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Try the Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member and Build your First Hub!

As you start your journey, Wealthy Affiliate is there for you with the most comprehensive training package I have ever seen – And as I have mentioned, I have used a few in my professional career trust me.

To get you started, Wealthy Affiliate has recently introduced the Hub.

The Hub

The hub is an AI based niche and website creation tool that will get you up and running with the foundation of your OWN business in just a few minutes. This includes:

  • Your website – hosted and inclusive of a WordPress editor
  • Your brand
  • Your ‘done-for-you’ research
  • Your blueprint
  • A task list that is going to help you drive the creation and growth of your business moving forward.
Wealthy Affiliate Review 24 - Hub screen

The hub makes the website creation process simple which allows you to get started on the training with a solid base and understanding of the processes.

All you need to do is choose your subject – which is known as your ‘niche’ – and follow the steps on the screen.

Oh, and as you run through the training below you may realize that what you created above is not exactly what you want. That’s ok, you can just create a new hub!

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Then as you continue your journey, the Wealthy Affiliate Hub is there for you with the most comprehensive training package I have ever seen – And I have used a few in my professional career trust me.

Above we discussed the use of the Hub to set up a website. Once you have done this, you will be able to access the “Step-by-Step Core Training”.

This is available to all members including starter members and will give you everything you need to know to continue to create your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 24 - step by step core training

Member Training

There are also Live weekly classes taught by REAL industry experts on a range of topics like artificial intelligence (AI), SEO, YouTube, WordPress, PPC marketing and more.

wealthy affiliate master training

Great, What Else Does Wealthy Affiliate Have To Help You?

So, let’s keep this short, Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop-shop platform that provides:

  • The Hub – this is the starting point and uses AI processes to assist you in determining your niche and creating your brand.
  • Complete training programs to assist with the development of your own affiliate marketing website in your own niche.
  • Website creation and publishing tools including access to WordPress editors and themes.
  • AI Content article design and content creation
  • Domain name purchasing (you get a free domain when you upgrade to the Premium membership).
  • Website hosting, security and backup.
  • Online help and chat forums.
  • Weekly live training events.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Keyword access tools.
  • SEO assistance.

The platform has been active for over 15 years with the original developers and owners, Kyle and Carson, still extremely active in its day to day operations – especially as they rollout their AI capabilities.

wa first two steps

You Can Try it Yourself For Free

Now of course I can tell you all about how Wealthy Affiliate works (because it does) until I am blue in the face. But every other program out there – including the shams and scams – will tell you the same thing!

So how about you just try it for free yourself. The Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership is free to join and gives you access to everything you need to get started – all without the need to spend a cent!

With the starter membership, you get:

  • 1 Limited Business Hub
  • 1,500 AI Word Credits
  • Try the AI Author Platform (BETA)
  • 1 Practice Website
  • Jaaxy Starter
  • Limited Help & Support
  • Core Niche Training (8 Classes)

And of course I will be there to help you every step of the way as well!

Look, in the interest of transparency, whilst Wealthy Affiliate does offer a free starter membership, this is designed to give you a look around, have a practice and see if it is worthwhile for you – which is a really great option.

However, as with all new businesses, you will need to make some investment so if you are serious about making money online , you will need to upgrade to a premium membership as this will give you access to all the tools you need in the one spot to succeed!

Afterall, every business needs tools to grow!

So How Much Does This Really Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate does not use upsells once you join – but as I mentioned in the video, to succeed here you will need to invest in a membership. There are a couple of options that provide access to all the tools, training and assistance that you could need – and a free domain as well.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a trio of membership tiers, as detailed on their pricing page.

You can opt for the Starter membership at no cost, the Premium membership for $49 per month or the Premium Plus+ membership for $99 per month. That’s the full extent of it – and you can absolutely build your website without having to spend another cent.

You won’t encounter any unexpected additional charges or covert fees and as a Premium member, you’re equipped with all the essentials to initiate, develop and expand a thriving online enterprise.

Those who opt for the Premium membership are provided with

  • Hosting for their websites
  • A complimentary domain name
  • Access to hundreds of hours of current expert tutorials
  • Various marketing and research tools
  • Personal guidance from seasoned professionals in the field
  • And much much more

And for those of you who want to make a serious investment into your future, there are some yearly options as well below to give you peace of mind that you have a whole year ahead of you to get stuff done!

And Don’t Forget the Personal Coaching

Once you join, not only do you get plenty of assistance from me, but you also have access to expert coaching, support and mentorship from real industry experts.

I mean, you can have access to all of the top-tier affiliate marketing training in the world, but inevitably, questions arise, particularly during the initial stages.

With an exceptionally dynamic and engaged community that boasts over 2.7 million members, Wealthy Affiliate offers an environment where you, as a member, can fully immerse and leverage this network.

You’re never alone; you have the collective wisdom of an entire community at your fingertips, ready to assist at any moment.

Plus, there’s always-on, rapid-response website support to handle any technical queries you may encounter.

WA graphic

Wealthy Affiliate Works: Real Results From Real People

As I have mentioned a number of times, Wealthy Affiliate has helped me make real money online though its training and tools.

I have made money each month as well as a sale for $17,000.

But again, those promoting other programs will tell you the same thing!

So let’s get away from me and see what others are saying:

To start with, Wealthy Affiliate has a 4.9 out of 5 Star TrustPilot rating, which is a remarkable accomplishment in any industry, let alone the online business industry.

WA trust pilot image

And here are some of those reviews:

wealthy affiliate trust pilot

And this is what people are saying within Wealthy Affiliate as well:

home page - success at WA

So, Let’s Make a Decision!

Let’s be frank, you have read this far so why not go all in, click on the button below to get started on the way to your very online business.

And once you are in and have had a play around with the hub, look for the little envelope on the top right and there will be a message from me. It is of course automated so respond to let me know you are there and we can start this journey together.

(oh, and the profile is mine so you can find me that way as well)

wealthy affiliate envelope

See you there


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