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Hello there again my fellow sea changers and welcome back as we continue our journey into the world of online business creation. Now, as those of you who have read any of my posts in the past will know, I have created this site in an effort to see if I can assist you in funding your very own sea change to lead the life you really want to. I usually focus this on things like affiliate marketing and drop shipping however every now and then I come across a site that tells me it can make me money now for just a little bit of work. So today I will check out another one of these sites called InfluEarn. Can you earn money online with InfluEarn? Let's find out…

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You may want to know why I am even looking into this sort of site when in most other posts I write I talk about how building a successful online business takes time and consistent, problem solving work. Usually, unless I am reviewing it for you guys, I avoid them like the plague. But this site looked a little more professional than the others so I thought, look, if it can make us a little tiny bit of income on the side, then maybe it is worthwhile.

Was it? Nope… read on to see why…

What is InfluEarn

Now, from the start, as soon as I joined this site I couldn't help but think that I had seen it all before… The screens looked very familiar and I actually checked through my own site to see if I had reviewed this before and just forgotten about it. I hadn't… but what I had actually reviewed is Eazydollars. InfluEarn is a re-release of Eazydollars.

For those of you that have not heard of Eazydollars, InfluEarn is basically a referral and advertising website that pays you to refer others and accept a barrage of sales calls or make donations to charities to earn money. Essentially the more people you refer, via the affiliate links and promotional banners that you are given, or the more sales calls you accept (and purchase from) the more commissions you can earn. The methods by which you can make money are as follows:

  • Refer a friend via social media.
  • Complete ‘surveys'.
  • Download apps and games.
  • Make donations to charities.
  • Accept sales calls and text from local companies.
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How does InfluEarn work?

So, I know I have looked through this via Eazydollars, but as there does look to be a few minor changes to the site and in an effort to be thorough in my review, I decided to fully test the validity and value of this platform as if I was looking at it again for the very first time. So I joined and, against all logic, got stuck in.

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Once I click the little button I am presented with the dashboard, which has my referral link and some buttons that will take me directly to social media to refer all of my friends to the site as well. I do note that there are some different options that my previous encounters with these screens so, as I have said, I will continue on as if it were all fresh and not a recurring nightmare – hahaha.

Earn Money Online with Influearn - member page

From here, I can see my main earning options on the menu on the left:

  1. Tasks
  2. Refer and Earn
  3. Promotional posts
  4. YouTube submissions
  5. Instagram submissions
  6. FaceBook submissions
  7. Twitter submissions

So let's have a look and see if we can make any money.


Earn Money Online with Influearn - tasks

The task wall presents you with a list of ‘tasks’ that you can follow in order to collect a $30 payment. Essentially these are just one big long sales push for all manner of localised companies and charities. Through each of these tasks I was asked to:

  • Sign up to trial some obscure online video game.
  • Do something to go into draws to win gift vouchers (up to $2000) – and earn $30.
  • Download and watch movies

I decided to complete one task where I earned $30 if I completed it to go into the draw to with a $2000 Samsung voucher – Can't lose right? So as it turns out, the task here is to simply enter my personal details into an online form to go into the draw for a Woolworths Voucher (and Australian supermarket chain). I am not sure what happened to Samsung and since I didn't enter my information, no $30 for me.

I tried another task and the same thing – each ‘tasks’ ends with my being asked to enter my details to register for even more phone calls, junk email and text messages.

No $30 for Paul…

Refer and Earn

Earn Money Online with Influearn - refer and earn

This first one is simple. All you need to do is select the relevant social media platform and upload the link. I clicked on the FaceBook link and it took me straight to my account with the ad ready to be posted.

Earn Money Online with Influearn - FB

From here, I can earn $2 for everybody that clicks on my link and $10 for everybody that signs up.

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Promotional Posts

Earn Money Online with Influearn - promotional posts

This page doesn' earn you any money but it does contain dome pretty banners etc. to give your social media promotions a little extra zing.

YouTube Submissions

Earn Money Online with Influearn - YouTube

In the same vein as the Refer and Earn option above, all you need to do here is shoot a quick video outlining how awesome InfluEarn is, how much you have made and why the viewer should sign up. You are given scripts, tags and links to assist you in your YouTube creation quest.

Honestly, this page is quite good and could be a very effective tool if not used n this kind of manner. I did do some searches on YuoTube based on the keywords in the scripting and there are actually quite a few videos with a semi decent number of views.

Earn Money Online with Influearn - YouTube examples

I think this tool could have been a good one, just not for this program… Apparently you can also earn $50 per video uploaded although I did see a lot of comments below the videos saying that this payment is not made.

FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter Submissions

Earn Money Online with Influearn - insta link

These pages give you the links to load into your BIO section within the relevant social media platforms. You are paid $50 for each link that is loaded once you have added your account details for each platform to InfluEarn so that it can be verified.

What were my outcomes?

Well, I spent about 30 minutes playing around with this site. I did not put an ad on Facebook nor did I put a video on YouTube. I understand that these two processes are the main money spinners for this site, but I was simply not prepared to put my name to this product.

I did one task and with the $25 sign up bonus I apparently have $31 in my account. I am not able to cash this out however as at looks like I need to do a bit more work.

Earn Money Online with Influearn - cash out

Can you make money with InfluEarn?

Look, if you are prepared to load these links to your Facebook and YouTube accounts and then promote it then I do think that maybe you will see some cash. That said, I have done some fairly extensive searching online and cannot find any testimonials that anybody has actually been paid as yet. In fact, on the other side of the fence I found a LOT of testimonials and responses to YouTube videos from people saying that they have hit the thresholds within their accounts and to date, have not been paid.

In this case I think that it is really only the developers of this program that are making any money by selling your info to marketing companies around the world.

Do I recommend it?

I don't say this very often but I really think there are better ways to make money out there. All you are doing is hassling friends to sign up and then getting hammered by advertising and phone sales calls. I hate to say this, but even survey sites such as Clixsense are a better option than this.

Again, I have to recommend staying away from this one.


And there it is – my honest opinion on whether you can earn money online with InfluEarn. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. I am not affiliated with InfluEarn.

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