Can you Make Money Online with Eazydollars

Can you Make Money Online with Eazydollars

Can you Make Money online with Eazydollars - logoHello there again my fellow sea changers and welcome back as we continue our journey into the world of online business creation. Now usually this journey involves the creation and cultivation of online affiliate marketing strategies that allow us to fund our sea change – in whatever capacity that may entail. However, in addition to that I am often on the lookout for other means of earning online income – either on its own or in conjunction with our main affiliate marketing business. So Today I am going to look into another site that I have come across in my research and ask – Can you make money online with Eazydollars?

From the outset this one does look pretty good site wise, but once you step inside I am not quite sure that it really is what it says it is… But anyway, in the interests of providing a valid outline I joined and checked it out.

Oh, and can you make money with Eazydollars? Maybe, but not without a real lot of hassle… Please read on to see what I mean…

What is Eazydollars

Eazydollars (also sold elsewhere as InfluEarn) is basically a referral and advertising website that pays you to refer others and accept a barrage of sales calls or make donations to charities to earn money. Essentially the more people you refer, via the affiliate links and promotional banners that you are given, or the more sales calls you accept (and purchase from) the more commissions you can earn. The methods by which you can make money are as follows:

  • Refer a friend via social media.
  • Complete ‘surveys’.
  • Make donations to charities.
  • Accept sales calls and text from geographically located companies.

Can you Make Money online with Eazydollars - home page

How does Eazydollars work?

In order to fully test the value of this platform, I joined and tested it out. Who knows, I might even make a little cash on the side myself… Anyway, after I joined and confirmed my application via email I was in and ready to get started.

Can you Make Money Online with Eazydollars - welcome

Once I click the little button I am presented with the dashboard, which has my referral link and some buttons that will take me directly to social media to refer all of my friends to the site as well.

Can you Make Money Online with Eazydollars - dashboard

From here, I can see on the menu on the left that I have two main earning options:

  1. Refer and Earn
  2. The $30 task wall

There is also access to more promotional images and a page where you can upload your YouTube video outlining just how much you love Eazydollars.

So let’s have a look and see if we can make any money.

Refer and Earn

Can you Make Money with Eazydollars - refer and earn

This first one is simple. All you need to do is select the relevant social media platform and upload the link. I clicked on the FaceBook link and it took me straight to my account with the ad ready to be posted.

Can you Make Money online with Eazydollars - FB

From here, I can earn $2 for everybody that clicks on my link and $10 for everybody that signs up.

30$ Task Wall

Can you Make Money Online with Eazydollars - task wall

The 30$ task wall presents you with a list of ‘tasks’ that you can follow in order to collect a $10 payment (I am not sure where the $30 comes from but I will let that slide for now). Essentially these are just one big long sales push for all manner of localised companies and charities. Through each of these tasks I was asked to:

  • Sign up to trial some obscure online sports streaming service.
  • Enter my phone number to accept sales calls from a number of internet, mobile phone, insurance and online shopping companies.
  • Donate to local charities or register my interest in assisting these charities.

Each ‘tasks’ ends with my being asked to enter my details to register for even more phone calls, junk email and text messages.

I completed one of the tasks to the end where I could click on one of two very shonky links to collect prize and get my $10. The links did not go anywhere and to date (it is supposed to take only 30 minutes) I have received neither and my email inbox is chock-a-block with spam (lucky I gave an email address that I use for such occasions).

YouTube Submissions

Can you Make Money online with Eazydollars - youtube

And finally, in the same vein as the Refer and Earn option above, all you need to do here is shoot a quick video outlining how awesome Eazydollars is, how much you have made and why the viewer should sign up. I can apparently earn $50 for this but am not sure if that is on top of, or in lieu of any commissions I may make for my referrals from this video.

What were my outcomes?

Well, I spent about 30 minutes playing around with this site. I did not put an ad on Facebook nor did I put a video on YouTube. I understand that these two processes are the main money spinners for this site, but I was simply not prepared to put my name to this product.

I did one task and with the sign up bonus I apparently have $41 in my account. I am not able to cash this out however as at looks like I need to do a bit more work.

can you make money online with eazydollars - cash out

Can you make money with Eazydollars?

Look, if you are prepared to load these links to your Facebook and YouTube accounts and then promote it then I do think that maybe you will see some cash. That said, I have done some fairly extensive searching online and cannot find any testimonials that anybody has actually been paid as yet. I was also not paid for completing the one task that I did rather it has been included in a percentage tally meaning I need to do way more in terms of tasks and referrals to earn anything at all.

In this case I think that it is really only the developers of this program that are making any money.

Do I recommend it?

I don’t say this very often but I really think there are better ways to make money out there. All you are doing is hassling friends to sign up and then getting hammered by advertising and potential phone calls. I hate to say this, but even survey sites such as Clixsense are a better option than this.

The thing however that does interest me here is that the companies and charities that are represented are actual well-known, local, reputable, large corporations and entities. I don’t know how they come to be a part of these types of programs but I have to admit, it is not the first time I have seen this type of thing. Regardless, again, I have to recommend staying away from this one.


And there it is – my honest opinion on whether you can make money with Eazydollars. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price.

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