Hello there again my fellow sea changers. Throughout this site we have been discussing the world of online business creation in an effort to fund our sea change – whether that be a move to the beach, out to the country or simply working from home. Today I am going to discuss with you another aspect of possible online income based on a question I was asked by a friend the other day – Can you make money with ClixSense? You see she has been taking an interest in my site as she is looking to start her own online business and due to her research has been receiving a few ads and emails from them.

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Her questions made sense as she is looking to see if she can make a little cash on the side whilst her website matures and thought that 1 day a week on this type of thing may be the answer. As someone who dabbled in this arena a few years back, my initial response was no… but that was with some different sites so I thought that I should probably check this out a little more thoroughly.

What is ClixSense

ClixSense (now known as ySense) is “a global online community with multiple earning options” which include being paid for such actions as:

  • Online surveys
  • Trailing products and services
  • Downloading apps
  • Signing up to websites
  • Completing tasks

Functions work in a similar fashion to others such as Swagbucks and Apex Focus Group where you are paid based on tasks completed.

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My experience

As I have said above, I got involved in doing online surveys a few years back and I did indeed earn some income. To be honest I cannot remember the name of the company that I did mine through but it was all above board and I managed to earn about $100 over the month that I did them. I was sent survey links via email or I could log into their site and see what was available to me and then complete them online. I was then paid on a per survey completed arrangement.

The only problem that I had with them, and the reason I only lasted a month was that the time I spent on doing the surveys far outweighed the amount of money I was making. In fact, I worked out that the time it took me to earn the $100 equated to roughly $2 an hour so to earn the $100 I did about 50 hours worth of surveys. At the time it was just not worth it for me but I do remember thinking that for someone who was interested in doing this full time, then maybe there could be some money to be made which is why I decided to look into ClixSense a little further.

How does ClixSense work?

In order to fully test the value of this platform, I joined (it is free to join) – and tested it out. Who knows, I might even make a little cash on the side myself… Anyway, after I joined and confirmed my application via email I was in and ready to get started.

can you make money with Clixsense - login page

From the first screen, there is a list of ways that I can earn money as well as a daily bonus. I decided to see if I could get that by completing:

  1. 2 Surveys, or
  2. 10 ‘figure 8' tasks, or
  3. 2 offers.

can you make money with Clixsense - daily

So, in an effort to see how much money I could make and how long it would take, I tried all three:

Paid Surveys

Once the surveys page is selected, I can see a list of surveys that are available with what I am assuming is the amount that I will be paid for each one.

can you make money with Clixsense - surveys

From the beginning, I can see that I can earn from around $1 to $5 depending on the survey I choose (the higher paid ones don't appear to pay out immediately however). They also take around 13 – 15 minutes to complete. So I did two surveys with the following results:

Qualifying time – 5 minutes*

Survey time – 32 minutes

Amount earned – $3.63 + bonus of $0.43 for completing two surveys

*Each survey asks a series of qualifying questions to see if you meet the criteria of participants that the survey creators are targeting. If you don't qualify, you are returned to the front screen where you can select another survey to complete.

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Figure Eight Tasks

Figure 8 tasks are small online jobs that you can complete in order to earn income.

can you make money with Clixsense - figure 8 tasks

I undertook two tasks. The first was a short survey that took 2 minutes, the second required me to confirm and complete business address information from company websites into the onscreen fields – there were 5 companies to complete and the task took me around 10 minutes overall. So, my results here:

Task time – 12 minutes

Amount earned – $0.07

Note: I could not earn my bonus for completing 10 tasks at this time as there were no tasks available after the first two.

Cash Offers

Earnings here are determined by a number of different tasks such as doing more surveys, watching videos, or online shopping.

can you make money with Clixsense - offers

Essentially you are being paid to be exposed to advertising or making purchases from promoted websites. I chose to watch some videos which paid on the proviso that I watched enough videos to be exposed to 3 adverts – videos must be on your screen at all times – I.e. cannot be running in the background. Here were my results:

Videos viewed – 4

Task time – 16 minutes

Amount earned – $0.04

Again, there were really no other offers that were suitable for me at the time so I could not qualify to for the bonus here at this point. I could do more surveys but they did not pay as much as the ones above and I was certainly not in a position to book a flight somewhere just to earn $5.

What were my outcomes?

Let's be short and sweet here:

Total time spent ‘working' in ClixSense: 60 minutes

Total amount earned: $4.17

How can I get paid?

With ClixSense, there are three payment options as per below:

can you make money with Clixsense - payment options

Can you make money with ClixSense?

Well yes, I earned $4.17 for 1 hour's work. It is not a lot for an hour's work, but I do admit that I did take a bit longer to work it all out so as you got a bit more familiar with the site, you may be able to complete tasks a lot quicker than I did. It is obvious that the surveys will earn you a lot more than the other options and I can see where you could earn up to $10 – $15 per hour with them. I did not see enough of the tasks to see if there are potential better earners there – they are definitely a bit more interesting than the surveys though. And finally the offers, from what I can see a bit more hit-and-miss. The ones I had were not really any good but there may be some better ones at other times…

I will caveat this by saying that I did the bare minimum to earn what I did as I simply created my account and started doing just the basics straight away. There a number of other options there that can earn you money such as playing games and referring friends however I just stuck to the three options outlined above. The bonus structure does climb the more you do as well.

Do I recommend it?

Look, I have to say that it looks to me that things in this area of online money making capers have not really changed from when I played around with it all those years ago. You will need to put in some decent hours to get a not-so-decent return on your time. That said, if you can earn $10 -$15 an hour from home without transport and uniform costs, then it could be worth it for some.

It is definitely not a scam and I think if you wanted to do it full time then you could almost make some almost good money from it. I would personally however suggest that you look into some other ways to earn an income online that can make you far more money for the same amount of work.


And there it is – my honest opinion on whether you can make money with ClixSense. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

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Until next time

Have fun


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  1. Great question, can you make money with ClixSense. Quite honestly I have not heard much about ClixSense, but I am always interested in making money online, so this is right up my alley. Surveys are typically not something I go out of my way to find. You spend lots of time for little money. That time is better spent focusing on long-term, bigger income, which can be found in a product like Wealthy Affiliate, great recommendation!

    1. Agreed, yiu can definitely make some money from them but the ROI time wise is really not there

      Thanks for stopping by


  2. From my experience, Clixsense is not worth your time. There are too many surveys that you do not qualify for, and quite often you find it at the end of survey (which is also unfair).

    This should be taken into consideration when you calculate reward per hour (yes, you can get up to $2.50 for 15 minutes, but then you spend 45 minutes answering surveys you will be disqualified from.ll check I will the alternative you provided.


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