Can You Make Money With Coin Pop

Can You Make Money With Coin Pop

Hello there again my fellow sea changers. Today we continue our journey into the world of gaming apps with a look at an extremely popular one called Coin Pop. This app provides access to those who not only wish to play games on their smartphones, but make a little cash from it as well. Can you make money with Coin Pop? I am sure you can. Let’s however see if it is worth it… .

As with most of these apps, you will make some money with time and patience. They are legitimate operations and do pay out you have played long enough to warrant it. My concern as always however is the time it takes to make the cash and whether you would be better off spending this time elsewhere. So, for this review, I will:

  • Download the app
  • Play a few games and complete any relevant tasks
  • Time it all
  • See how much $$ I can earn for the time spent…

What is Coin Pop

Coin Pop is a “get paid to” app that pays you to download and play online games via a smartphone or tablet. There are not as many options as some other apps (such as Mistplay) however there are links to a number of games which are downloaded independently from the relevant app store. All games are free to download but have in app paid upgrades – which based on the reviews, are probably required to make the games fully playable.

Coins are then earned based on:

  • The games chosen and how long they are played.
  • Playing games to reach certain levels or other achievements.
  • Making in game app purchases.
  • Watching in game advertising.

There does not appear to be any limit on earnings dependent upon how long you wish to play.

Can You Make Money With Coin Pop - Stripe 2


How do you earn?: By downloading and playing games.

How much can you earn?: There is no limit dependent upon the amount of time that you play.

How do you get paid?: PayPal, Gift Cards.

How much you need to make before cashing out: 4999 coins = $0.50.

Platform: iOS, Android.

Cost to Download: Free.

Login with: FaceBook or Google

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My experience

I downloaded the app and then accessed two games via their links within the Googel App Store (I use an android device). These games were:

Caesar’s Free Pokies – Slots

The initial offer was for 694 coins per minute played – there was no mention of required levels. Game details are as follows:

  • Game entails playing casino style slot machines
  • Points are earned based on the amount of time played.
  • I did not run out of coins although if I had, more could be purchased in game.
  • There are no in game awards or prizes

Outcome: 15 minutes played – level 15 reached – 874 Coins earned

Can You Make Money With Coin Pop - caesers

Guns of Glory: Build an Empire

The initial offer was for 694 coins per minute played – there was no mention of required levels. Game details are as follows:

  • Game entails building villages, armies and collecting resources. Alliances can be joined and wars waged.
  • Villages are built with resources collected and the spending of Gold to achieve special buildings and to speed things up etc. – Further gold can be purchased in game to advance your village.

Outcome: 15 minutes played – level 3 buildings completed – 3498 coins earned

Can You Make Money With Coin Pop - guns of glory

Both games were quite fun and I could easily have got lost in playing them if not for my time frames on getting this post written. Guns of Glory in particular has a lot to it and, like most ’empire building’ type games, could really eat up a lot of time – which could obviously result in some good coins earned. Both games required a Google account at access and I did not make any in game purchases.

What were my outcomes?

Let’s be short and sweet here:

Total time spent ‘working’ on my games: 30 minutes

Total points earned: 4372

Note: Points can also be earned via:

  • Join – 4444 points
  • Refer a friend – 250 coins + 25% of all coins they earn for every friend you invite to the app

Can You Make Money With Coin Pop - refer friends

How can I get paid?

With Coin Pop, there are two payment options as per below:

  • Giftcards: iTunes – redeemable amounts range from 9200 to 9300 coins per dollar. These conversions change depending on the total amount that you are claiming starting with a minimum amount of $10 for 93188 coins.
  • Cash: Redeemable via PayPal – $1 = 9100 – 9900 coins – minimum amount of $.50 for 4999 coins

Can you make money with Coin Pop?

Well yes, I earned 4372 coins for 30 minute’s work which was almost enough to make 50c. So let’s assume that if I kept playing in the same fashion as above that it would take me roughly 5 hours of play to make my first $5. Maybe I could refer some friends to bring it all down a bit as well.

So, in terms of making ‘good’ money then at roughly $1.00 an hour (starting), I would have to say that the question for you is whether you think that is a worthwhile return for your time. As with many of these types of apps I think if you were willing to put a lot of time into the game playing side of things then you may be able to make some from it…

Can You Make Money With Coin Pop - Stripe

Do I recommend it?

Look, I have to say that it looks to me that things in this area of online money making capers are as I have always found them to be – that you will need to put in some decent hours to get a not-so-decent return on your time. Although you are playing games so it could be a good extra earner whilst you sit on the bus on the way to work for example. That said, if you can find games that earn $10 -$15 an hour from home without transport and uniform costs, then it could be worth it for some.

It is definitely not a scam and I think if you wanted to do it full time then you could make some money from it. I would personally however suggest that you look into some other ways to earn an income online that can make you far more money for the same amount of work.


And there it is – my honest opinion on whether you can make money with Coin Pop. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price.

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