Hello there again my fellow sea changers. Today we continue our journey into the world of ‘get paid to' apps with a look at an extremely popular one called Lucky Day. This app is effectively a lotto style arrangement that also provides access to those who not only wish to play games, do surveys or watch videos on their smartphones, but make a little cash from it as well. Can you make money with Lucky Day? Let's check it out… .

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As with most of these apps, you can generally make some money with time and patience once you have completed enough tasks or played long enough to warrant it – although I have found this one does every thing they can to avoid that as we will discuss below. My concern as always however (apart from the fact that I do sometimes wonder what they are doing with my phone data behind the scenes but let's just leave that for now) is the time it takes to make the cash and whether you would be better off spending this time elsewhere. So, for this review, I will:

  • Download the app
  • Play a few games and complete any relevant tasks
  • Time it all
  • See how much $$ I can earn for the time spent…

What is Lucky Day

Lucky Day works primarily as a lotto type arrangement with ‘scratch cards', lotto and raffles. These games allow you to win tokens, trophies and straight cash and regenerate each day. Scratch cards, raffles and lotto pay out in three main ways as follows:

  • Tokens – collect tokens and swap for gift cards – 5,000,000 tokens earns you a $5 gift card from a local department store or iTunes.
  • Trophies – trophies are earned and tallied throughout the day with the players who generate the most trophies in a day qualifying for cash payments of $1 to $15 cash.
  • Cash – cash prizes can be redeemed via PayPal once your balance reaches $10.

In almost all cases, game activation and/or prize payments are reliant on watching advertisements for other game apps – there are a LOT of ads – in fact you almost can't do anything within this app without watching an add. Trophies and Tokens can also be earned by

These last options work in a similar fashion to others such as Bananatic or Mistplay and pay anything from 100,000 to 6,000,000 tokens dependent upon your activity with the app that you download. Lower paying games and surveys for example may require you to download and reach a certain level whilst the higher paying ones will not only require a (much higher) level to be reached but some ‘in app' purchases to be made as well – i.e you cannot reach those levels without buying extra stuff such as coins to play slots or materials to build villages etc. And if you can stomach it after all of the ads in the main game, you can also earn extra tokens from watching more here too.

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How do you earn?: By playing scratch cards, entering lottos and raffles or downloading games and surveys etc.

How much can you earn?: There is no limit dependent upon how many games you play or apps you download and play (keeping in mind that payments are only made once certain levels are reached).

How do you get paid?: PayPal, Gift cards

How much you need to make before cashing out: $10 cash threshold or 5,000,000 Tokens for gift cards

Platform: iOS, Android.

Cost to Download: Free.

Login with: FaceBook, Google.

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My experience with Lucky Day Lotto

I downloaded Lucky day and have played all of the scratch cards, raffles and lotto games for 6 weeks (If I am being honest this one sucks you in so I really wanted to see where took me). To do all of the games on offer each day takes about 30 minutes which is about 10 minutes playing and 20 minutes watching ads.

10 Game Apps That Pay - lucky day

I did not do any of the other options such as downloading games or undertaking surveys nor did I share the app on any of my social media pages.

What were my outcomes?

At the end of my 6 week period I have:

Cash Balance: $9.75

Tokens: 372,285

Time spent on app: 42 days x 30 minutes (approx) – 21 hours (OMG was it really that much?)

Can you make money with Lucky Day?

Ok, I am going to say right from the start that I believe this app is one that is really not going to make you any money unless you spend all day on it with the games, survey and watching ads. You will not get there from the lotto style games alone. Here is why:

Cash – I got my tally to $9.75 after the first week – I thought that was pretty good and was ready to earn that last $0.25 so I could at least cash out $10. That last 25c just doesn't appear to come. I should note here too that I also read a few reviews on the app site from others who appear to get ‘stuck' at this tally point as well…

Tokens – The app has a lot of ‘token sucking' options such as the Piggy Bank – where you spend tokens to give yourself a better ‘chance' of winning bigger prizes – and Black Jack which sucked about 500,000 tokens from me in about 15 hands (you win extra hands on the scratch cards too of course). I have sunk a bit of my token count into the piggy bank – and to date, no change has occurred in terms of attracting that last 25 cents needed to cash out the big tenner!!

lucky day app - piggybank

So, in terms of making ‘good' money then unlike other apps where you are earning at around $1 per hour, I seriously have to question whether you could make any money with this one at all?

Do I recommend it?

Normally I would suggest that to earn money with these types of apps that you will need to put in some decent hours to get a not-so-decent return on your time. With this one however, from experience with this and other aps such as Fish Blast and Gamehag, if this is an area that you really want to play around in, then I would be looking elsewhere as I just don't think this one is going to produce any income in the near future.

I would personally suggest instead that you look into some other ways to earn an income online that can make you far more money for the same amount of work.


And there it is – my honest opinion on whether you can make money with Lucky Day. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. I am not an affiliate of the Lucky Day app.

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  1. I am glad I read your review. It’s great to know what to expect from an app even before joining it. And if you got stuck at $9.75, that means that I will get stuck there too (as many other users have also had a similar experience). Thanks for warning us about this. I will not join this platform. I will check the other ways to earn an income online instead.

  2. Hi Paul. Thank you for very interesting article. I was looking for some interesting ways to earn some extra cash, but to be fair I never heard about lucky day app (or any other which pays you for playing games). Idea is interesting, but after your review I don’t really think its worth effort. Spending 6 weeks to earn 10 dollars seems as a waste of time, and there are much better opportunities online to use such tome more effectively.

    1. Yeah, these aps are certainly not going to make you a lot of money in the short term.  Thanks for stopping by.  Paul

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