Can You Make Money With the Fish Blast App?

Can You Make Money With the Fish Blast App?

Hello there again my fellow sea changers. Today we continue our journey into the world of ‘get paid to’ apps with a look at an extremely popular one called Fish Blast. This is a game app where users can play a puzzle type game (sort of like Bejeweled) to earn cash prizes. I downloaded it about 2 months ago to see what it was like (so I could review it here) and have to admit that the game itself is quite fun and really does draw you in. So, can you make money with Fish Blast? As I will explain later I am not sure yet but let’s however see if it is worth it for you to try… .

As with most of these apps, there is the possibility to make some money with time and patience. They are generally above board and do pay out once you have completed enough tasks or played long enough to warrant it. My concern as always however (apart from the fact that I do sometimes wonder what they are doing with my phone data behind the scenes but let’s just leave that for now) is the time it takes to make the cash and whether you would be better off spending this time elsewhere. So, for this review, I will:

  • Download the app
  • Play a few games and complete any relevant tasks
  • Time it all
  • See how much $$ I can earn for the time spent…

What is Fish Blast?

can you make money with fish blast - stripe 1

As mentioned above, Fish Blast is a “get paid to” app that pays you to download and play an online game that asks you to complete puzzles to earn cash rewards. The app is free to download and unlike many others, I could not see any in-app purchase requirements at all.

Cash is then supposedly earned by completing each puzzle – however as with most of these apps, it is actually for watching ads – which increase in number the longer you play.


How do you earn?: By downloading and playing a puzzle type game

How much can you earn?: There is no limit dependent upon how many games you can successfully complete (keeping in mind that payments are only made once certain cash thresholds are reached).

How do you get paid?: PayPal

How much you need to make before cashing out: Fish Blast Cash Out Limit = USD $100

Platform: iOS, Android.

Cost to Download: Free.

Login with: FaceBook, Google.

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My experience

I downloaded Fish Blast and then started playing games. It quickly became evident that as is the standard operating procedure with these types of games that they give you plenty of incentive at the start until you get close to the cash out threshold and then slowly wind it back until it appears that you are never going to get there.

I will explain it here via the game process in that you are assigned a new level for each puzzle you complete (keeping in mind that you cannot cash out until the USD$100 threshold is reached):

Levels 1 to 20

  • Payouts – every level ranging from $15 to $1
  • Ads – none unless you wished to add more ‘Boosters’ (bombs, dynamite etc.) or moves allocated to complete level
  • Balance after 20 levels – $66.57

can you make money with fish blast - level 20

Levels 20 – 70

  • Payouts – every level ranging from $1 to $0.11
  • Ads – played automatically after each level plus additional if you wished to add more ‘Boosters’ (bombs, dynamite etc.) or moves allocated to complete level
  • Balance after 70 levels – $90.51

Woohoo I thought!! Not long now until that hungy stick is all mine!!

Levels 70 – 80

  • Payouts – every 2 levels ranging from $0.50 to $0.11
  • Ads – played automatically after each level plus additional if you wished to add more ‘Boosters’ (bombs, dynamite etc.) or moves allocated to complete level
  • Balance after 80 levels – $91.93

I think you are starting to get the picture – I will speed things up here a bit

Levels 80 – 150 – payouts every 5 levels with balance at level 150 – $94.73

That’s right – From level 70 to 150 I earned a massive $4.22

can you make money with fish blast - level 150

Levels 150 up to 250 (where I am now) – payouts every 10 levels and a balance of $95.60

That’s a HUGE 87 cents for 100 levels – And I can’t put my finger on how but I seem to be watching a lot more ads now too…

What were my outcomes?

Let’s be short and sweet here:

Total time spent ‘working’ on my game: 250 levels at approximately 3 minutes each level (including watching ads) – 750 minutes or 12.5 hours

Current cash balance: $95.60

How can I get paid?

If you can ever make the level required $100 cash out amount, then you are paid via PayPal

can you make money with fish blast - stripe 2

Can you make money with Fish Blast?

As above, after 12.5 hours of play (I play about 15 minutes a day) I have not yet reached the threshold required to cash out. Let’s do some calculations:

I need $4.20 to reach my target and get paid. Now let’s assume I will earn roughly $0.05 (I am not holding my breath on that amount either) for each 10 games I play meaning I will need to complete another 840 levels to reach my target. And if it takes roughly 3 minutes to do a level then I will need to play for another 42 hours to get my $100.

So, in terms of making ‘good’ money then at roughly $1.85 an hour, I would have to say that the question for you is whether you think $100 that worth around 54 hours for your time.

Update:  Once I reached level 300 the payout dropped to $0.01 for every 10 levels completed – so if I have my figures right and I need around $4 to get my payout then at 0.01 every 10 levels I will need to reach level 4000 odd – Is that right? If so, I think we can assume that this game is really not going to be paying me out any time soon…

Do I recommend it?

Look, the game really is quite fun and I have kept it up as I enjoy playing it. I have to say however that it looks to me that things in this area of online money making capers are as I have always found them to be – that you will need to put in some decent hours to get a not-so-decent return on your time – and of course I am yet to actually see if this game will ever pay out at all (Update: It looks like it will not!). But I will keep playing and let you know.

A lot of the reviews I have seen outline this one as a scam mainly for the reasons I have outlined above but let’s be honest, none of these are going to pay you a fortune in quick time and I think if you wanted to do it full time then you could make some money from it. I would personally however suggest that you look into some other ways to earn an income online that can make you far more money for the same amount of work.


And there it is – my honest opinion on whether you can make money with Fish Blast. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. I am not an affiliate of the Fish Blast app.

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13 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With the Fish Blast App?”

  1. I have $98.47 on fish blast. Almost at level 300! Earning a penny every ten same as you. How can PayPal endorse these b.s. games . Even if they get a cut or whatever it still makes them look like a garbage a_ _ company. I even get all 3 gold stars every round to no avail

  2. They must of updated as its now 150ud payout threshhold but I’m at 146 and I’m played out every 2 levels and at no less than 20cent and no more than 48 cent so hopefully its going to pay out for me witch means its either a randomly choosing app per however many downloads there’s one I assume myself as I have a lot better outcomes and progress only been playing not even 24 hours by the way don’t even think 12 hours and I’m at 146 and few cents that it actually let’s that tiny % of people succeed so they can give accounts such as mine to encourage others to download but it’s clearly a one in a million chance that your be as successful as my account so quickly I experience tg same decrease in payout and the frequency of the earning but nothing as drastic as every one els and it seems to be within my reach off the payout threshold of 150 so I’ll keep playing literally until I get it paid out etc abs will recomment with a link to my Facebook page with screenshot of game and my PayPal account once I have succeeded in doing so for proof so good luck people

  3. Level 38 I am on by the way and I will proove to anyone that questions my honesty with WhatsApp number and screenshots and whatever other proof to satisfy I am telling the truth downloaded it this morning

  4. At level 441 and at 148.47 and still can not cash out says I have to reach 150 in order to cash out.Ten levels at a penny a piece will take a while have been playing for months.

  5. Just reached my cash out for $150. That said, I opted for the Amazon transfer. As it claims it’ll take up to 7 days to process. Time will tell and I’ll keep you all posted.


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