Hey guys, and welcome back to Make that Sea Change. As you may know, I am always on the lookout for ways and means that you can use to earn an income online and fund that sea change. And as I have been doing more and more research lately, I am getting email after email about programs that can make me rich without the need to do any actual real work. I usually avoid them but one got my attention so today I am going check out another potential online money making site with my Flipp Ninja Review and ask if you can really copy and paste your way to cash.

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Now, as I said, my skepticism usually kicks in here and I delete these emails right off the bat as there is really no need to even bother checking if they are worth it or not. But every now and then something catches my eye and I think, against all odds, that maybe there is something to this one. I think in this case it was the fact that promoted returns were not as exaggerated as usual so maybe there is some merit here.

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That is way better than the “$5000 per day for 10 minutes” work pitches that I usually see so I looked a little further. Or, maybe I just wanted to know what a ‘Flipp' is. Either way, I paid my entry fee, opened it up and checked it out. For this review, I will run you through:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • Cost
  • My recommendations

Can you copy and paste your way to cash? Not with this program alone – it is essentially a training program with a lot of upsells and links to software you would actually need. Do I then recommend this product as a decent training program? No – Let's read on and see what it is all about…

What is Flipp Ninja?

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I have to say, the whole thing is confusing and the membership page starts with affiliate link ads to ClickFunnels and Aweber so I kept thinking I was still on the sales page. As I scroll down however, it turns out that Flipp NinJa is a series of 12 training videos 6 – 8 minutes in length that solve the “number 1 problem for all online marketers – Traffic”.

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Throughout the 12 videos, you are taken through the following processes:

1. Find traffic – via Facebook groups or paid advertising.

2. Setting your traffic flow up via a traffic rotator – there is no training for this here that I could see – just a quick demo and affiliate links to ClickMagick.

3. Getting 3x more results – online demo of Builderall.

4. Setting up your campaign – Via Bing.

5. Getting more traffic – Email and more paid ads.

6. Monitoring your campaigns – A demo of Aweber

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There are links to ClickFunnels and a montage of example funnels but there is no instruction for them.

What do you get?

Normally at this point, I would outline all of the stuff that you get but I have pretty much already done it above. You get 12 videos and a lot of affiliate links to other programs. I have no problem with affiliate links perse (after all I am an affiliate marketer) but there is no transparency there in regards to what is explained in the sales pages to what you actually receive.

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There is also no real outline of what it is that you are actually promoting. I am assuming that you are setting up some sort of affiliate marketing arrangement with your funnels?

Oh, and I still don't really know what a ‘Flipp' is nor did I see where I get to simply copy and paste stuff…

At a glance

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Product Name: Flipp Ninja

Founder: Art Flair and Pallab Ghosal

Product Type: Online video training platform

Price: $12.97 + upsells

Best For: Ummmm…. not sure – it is too confusing for newbies and the experienced marketers would not need this product.

Recommended: No – see below…

Want To See How I Made Money Whilst Standing On A Mountain?

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  • The overall process for running a campaign is tried and true
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • The training is jumpy and confusing
  • Everything is covered at a high level with no substance
  • Everything else is geared towards upsells
  • You will need to subscribe to numerous other software products for this to work

How much is it?

  • Initial Access – $12.97
  • Upsell #1: Flipp Ninja Done-For-You Package ($35.99) – Done-For-You Package with DFY Deals, Evergreen & Social Media Promos, Email & CPA Campaigns plus Much More…
  • Downsell #1 – Flipp Ninja Done-For-You-Package $12 Discount ($25.22) – As above but minus some minor stuff like music
  • Upsell #2 – “Unlimited Traffic” ($197) – I am assuming this is some sort of tool to get you all the traffic you need
  • Downsell #2 – “Unlimited Traffic” ($97) – Ummm still unlimited traffic but limited???
  • Upsell #3: Flipp Ninja Re sellers License ($97 for 300 licenses or $197 for 1,000 licenses) – Licensing permissions to sell Flipp Ninja using their videos, sales pages and funnel.
  • Upsell #4 8 x Case Studies ($25.27) – 8 Case studies that the Flipp Ninja team put together outlining some of their flipping campaigns and some additional “advanced training.
  • Downsell #4 – 5 x Case Studies ($15.23) – The same offer as the upsell above minus 3 case studies.

Do I recommend it?

Now, I am going to answer this question based on the fact that this platform is a training package and nothing more. And based on that I have to say no. The theories and processes outlined are sound and the tools they recommend are quite good. However, there is simply not enough substance to make it even close to being worth the $13 I paid for it. There is so much training out there that newbies can access for free that is much more rounded, less confusing, has more substance and way less upsells.

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Now I understand that all platforms provide upsells to make extra money and that is a concept I totally accept. My issue with this is that there is simply not enough value within the initial offering for me to trust the upsell or have a clear idea on what I would get. Even if you wanted to follow the processes within the base offering, you will need to access three or four other programs to do it. And I still don't know what a ‘flipp' is.

How does it compare to my #1 Recommendation?

Look, normally I try and stick to platforms that have some features you can use and maybe within the upsells of Flipp Ninja you might be able to find them. If however, you are looking to build yourself a sustainable online business that you own, can make passive income from and can set up without the need for anywhere near that amount of cash, and all in the one spot then I recommend that you give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training, website building and hosting platform that will guide you through the entire online business building process, including Social media and SEO in an easy to follow but comprehensive manner. And best of all, you can join for free and get access to step by step tuition with the tools to develop and host your very own website, help to identify a good niche, 24/7 support and access to some of the best affiliate marketing minds on the planet. Want to know more? Then click on this link to read my complete review about Wealthy Affiliate.


So there you have it, my honest review and appraisal of Flipp Ninja. I hope it has been of assistance but as usual, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out by commenting below.

Are there any other programs you have been looking at but want to know more about? If so, please comment below and I will do my best to get some details for you.

Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. I am not an affiliate of Flipp Ninja.

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