Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs

Hey there Sea Changers and welcome back. Today I would like to start with a question for you – did you know that there are a good number of free affiliate marketing training programs out there? If so, great! If not, then it’s time to get serious. I want to know about your training habits. Are you constantly learning? Are you constantly seeking information from others? Are you experimenting, tweaking or adjusting based on what you have learned?

Now, why am I asking you all of these questions?

The answer is simple – because building a successful online business requires ongoing and consistent effort in order to achieve success – especially when it is being carried out within an online world that is constantly evolving. Technology, software, guidelines, algorithms and so on are always changing and can have an effect on how your site ranks and attracts traffic, displays in social media feeds or simply functions in the same manner as when it was created.

But don’t be alarmed, none of these changes are going to put you out of business, but they are changes nonetheless. So how do we manage this? We learn! And you know the best news, we can do most of it for free! So if you can get it for free, then why not take advantage of that to make your affiliate marketing journey as easy and trouble free as possible! In fact – and sorry to harsh here – if you are not continuously learning, you are seriously doing yourself and your chances of funding that all important sea change a huge disservice.

What is free learning?

I know, I almost felt a little silly writing that heading as obviously free learning is something that you get without having to pay any money for. And I am a huge advocate of taking advantage of as much training online as you can for free. Unfortunately however, the term ‘free’ in the online world means different things to different people and training websites. So let’s run through some of the interpretations of ‘free’ that I have seen out there.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - free

  • Totally free – This one is obvious – the training platform and everything on it is totally free. I have to say that this is rare (see next option) but there are some out there. They are usually small and cover the basics only but there is often enough to get you started in the right direction. YouTube is a great place to get this sort of training as you can watch a video and then move on. The worst case scenario here is that the learning materials will have affiliate links to products that are covered within the training – such as domain purchase and website hosting sites. Other will ask for an email address in return for the training so that you can be added to their marketing list.

Tip: A really good place to find free training is within the large affiliate platforms (such as Amazon, CJ Affiliates and ClickBank). They often provide training on affiliate marketing, SEO, traffic and sales processes for free as part of your membership.  Oh, and Affiliate Marketing Blog posts can also be a goldmine for free information and training.

  • Free with upgrade options – This is the most common type of ‘free training’ site that you will find, and if I am being honest, the ones that provide the best content. These sites will provide a lot of training and will usually be able to talk you through all avenues of starting and building an affiliate marketing or online business. The upgrade options are usually provided then to give you access to more advanced training, better support, one on one assistance or even site building services.

The good sites here (and I will run through some of them below) are ones that provide good, comprehensive and effective training that can have you up and running for the least amount of money possible (hosting and domains etc.) without the need to upgrade to view the second part of a course.

Tip: See if you can access materials without a credit card. If so, then you may have found some good free training.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - love to learn

  • Free taster – These sites can be annoying as they are set up so that you get a taster of the training with one, or maybe two modules that do not cover the complete course. You then go to check out module 3 only to find that you need to purchase it, or subscribe to the site. These sites are not unethical as such – as the training is usually good quality – however if it is not clear what you are getting from the start, then they can leave a bit of a sour taste. It is usually up to you whether you find the free stuff helpful or not.

Tip: Look for a little padlock symbol or dollar sign beside any of the modules in a list. This is a common sign that not all are accessible for free.

  • Free trial period – There are a lot of training sites that provide you free access to their materials on a free trial basis – anything from 7 days to 2 months. You will usually have to enter a credit card when you sign up and the onus will be on you to cancel prior to the expiry of the free trial period if you do not wish to continue. As with the ‘free taster‘ sites, there are some great platforms out there that work in this manner – as do many software programs – but again you will need to ensure that you are happy with the training you are receiving prior to spending any hard-earned on future access.
  • Free scam sites – These are the sites that will sucker you in with free training so that you can earn $50000 per day for just 10 minutes work. If it sounds too good to be true, I can guarantee you that it is – especially if there are more upsells than pages of training. The training concept is used as bait to sell you into some scam that will just not work. Click here for more information in regards to identifying online scams.
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What are some good sites?

Ok, now there are hundreds of them out there that each fit into one, or more of the categories outlined above. And I have to admit that even the bad ones can often provide a little nugget of information that I didn’t know about so I recommend always erring on the side of having a look rather than not (I never enter a credit card mind you). What I have done here then is list 4 sites that I have used consistently as I have run through my own affiliate marketing journey:

Wealthy Affiliate

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - WA Front page

This is the platform that got me to where I am today. It is a Free with upgrade options site with an email address (but no credit card) required for access to their free Starter Membership which gives you access to:

  • The first phase of the either the Online Entrepreneur Certification and/or Affiliate bootcamp training – 10 lessons
  • Access to 2 out of 12 Member Training Classrooms
  • 2 free websites
  • Web hosting for your free websites
  • Access to the WA SiteBuilder to build and manage your websites
  • Limited access to Jaaxy – WA’s keyword research tool
  • Access to Site Content – WA’s post writing and publishing tool
  • Limited use of the Live Chat
  • Access to Site Support.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entreprenuer TrainingThe training (video, documentation and step by step instruction) provided here for free is more than enough to give you everything you need to know to get started within your affiliate marketing business (or get some supplemental training) .

Click on the following link to read more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Neil Patel

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - NP front page

Neil Patel is an online affiliate marketing guru who specialises mainly in search engine optimisation (SEO). I love this site and to be honest, if you only opt in to one email list then make it this one. Each email contains up-to-the-minute SEO or online marketing information that can be viewed in short 5 – 10 minute video sessions.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - Neil Patel

If I am being honest, the Neil Patel site is probably more suitable for intermediate to experienced marketers. That said, it includes some great content via a series of videos and blog pages that provide great solid basic training for both new and experienced affiliate marketers. The other excellent aspect of this site however is its competitor research tool. This is a self discovery learning tool that not only gives you great insight into how own your site is traveling but also those of your competitors as well.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - ubersuggest

The Neil Patel site is totally free with a one-on-one consult upgrade option – there is no email address or credit card required to access the site and its keyword/research tools.


Is Affilorama Affiliate Marketing - front page

Affilorama is an online training platform that is designed to assist you in creating an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Is Affilorama Affiliate Marketing - what you get

With the free version, you get access to over 200 training videos, documents and checklists to assist you with every aspect of your affiliate marketing business. The training categories include:

  • Affiliate marketing basics.
  • Market research.
  • Content creation.
  • Site building.
  • Marketing ideas.
  • SEO.
  • PPC.
  • Affiliate outsourcing.

As with the first two sites, Affilorama also offers a free tool called AfilloTools.

Is Affilorama Affiliate Marketing - affilotool screen

Affilotools is a cool little tool that is designed to assist you with the analysis and interrogation of your site performance, rankings and keyword use including.

  • Search engine rankings reporting including geographically based results.
  • Keyword ranking and research tool.
  • Website health checks – speed, indexing and SEO.
  • Social media activity results and monitoring (FaceBook and Twitter only).
  • Clickbank earnings details.

With the free option, you are not restricted too much in functionality and the pricing plans to upgrade tend to give you the ability to add more data/websites to your tools only.

Affilorama also requires an email address to join which in turn adds you to their email list offering upgrades and asking for feedback on their tools (one thing I didn’t like about this site). To find out more about Affilorama, click here.


Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - FIMP

The Free Internet Marketing Project (FIMP) is another site that provides good, solid training for free covering all aspects of affiliate marketing. With the free access arrangement, you get access to 47 modules of text based training.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - FIMP training

The advantage of this site is that it has been developed by a highly experienced and successful affiliate marketer named Ian Prymble who gives a unique and interesting insight into the processes of it all. And on that note, probably the best part if the free offerings on this site are the supplemental training videos.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - FIMP supp training

Ian provides a series of videos that talk about some of the more non-technical aspects of online business building including mindset and managing daily workloads. There is also some good stuff there for the more advanced marketer such as calculating niche value etc.

You will need an email address to access (and hence, join the mail list) and recent changes to this site now mean you need to register for a webinar to access the free stuff. I find this a little annoying if I am being honest but the content is ok. To read more about FIMP, click here.


As I have said earlier, the four above are the ones I have used and that I like. That does not mean that there are not others out there that I have used happily however. And of course there are also plenty of others out there that I have not stumbled across yet that you can look into to gain free training and instruction. To find them, you can undertake some searches such as:

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Programs - search

Just keep in mind the information that were discussed earlier on what ‘free’ can mean when it comes to online training but at the end of the day, and I cannot reiterate this enough, as long as you are continuously searching, reading and learning, then you are ahead of the game!


And there it is – an outline of some of the things to look for when it comes to free affiliate marketing training. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price.

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Then I decided to help fund my new sea change with some affiliate marketing.  I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and as they say, the rest is history.

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  1. Wow! I did not know that I could get free affiliate marketing training. I am quite intrigued by the affilorama program, Do you have to be their affiliate in order to access it? And do they accept beginners easily? Because, my website is quite new and has no authority at all.

    I am really glad I found your post, it is very helpful.


    • Hey there, no, you do not need to be an affiliate to access Affilorama (I am not).  You just register with your email address and off you go!  Let me know if you have any problems


  2. What a great and informative article! I didn’t realize how many different training programs there are. I know about Wealthy Affiliate, but the others are new. I’ll check some or all the others. You’re right about the different types of “free” offers out there. I’ve been scammed too many times and duped into some annoying mailing lists! You’ve clearly done quite a bit of research. Thank you!

  3. Hey Paul, this is a great post on free training. Over the last 20 years, I have done the Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, FIMP, and lots of other training including Neil Patel’s advanced marketing course. I built a website years ago using the Affilo JetPack. The strength of Ian’s FIMP is the part of getting your thinking/mindset right. I am a bit unorthodox when it comes to recommending any training to people who are looking for free stuff and don’t want to spend money. I tell them to do all the free Affilorama training first. If still motivated to do affiliate marketing, then come see me. 


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