Want To See How I Made Money On A Mountain Top?

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Hey There,

Firstly, thanks for clicking on my link in what I hope will become your first step to passive income, working from home, or simply earning a little extra money on the side.  Whether you are looking for full time income, or a side hustle, I honestly believe you have come to the right place.

Now don't get me wrong, this is no get rich quick program, but with some good training (which I got from Wealthy Affiliate) and a bit of work, you can also make money whilst you are doing whatever it is that you want to do as well.

Below is a screen shot of income from a site I created to do with fishing – yep, you can write about anything you like. This site was 12 months old at the time.

mountain top landing page - amazon earnings

And just in case you are wondering why the earnings stopped in July. Well, I sold the site – for $17,000. That will fund my travel for a bit – which of course based on the photo above – I did. And whilst I was standing there I received a text message telling me my new site to with travel had made a sale! Now that is what I am talking about!!

My Story

I spent years in an office cubicle working 9 to 5 (or longer) and hated it.  I was sick of working for someone else and I had worked my career to the point that I had painted myself into a corner – both in terms of skill set and earning capacity. I just couldn’t see a way to change my situation.

I was always jealous when I heard people say that they made a living doing what they love and whilst I knew I wanted to do my own thing, the trouble was that I just didn’t know where to even start.

It got to the point (with some ‘productive' words from my amazing wife) where I had two choices:

  1. Just keep doing what I was doing and just try to be happy with my current life…   or….
  2. Take the opportunity (chance) to change things and live a life that I want to

During this time, I had got interested in online marketing and decided to take the opportunity to make a change – i.e. option 2.  After a bit of searching and some trial and error, I found a program called Wealthy Affiliate.  It was free to join and it was there that I learned these 4 simple steps…

So How Did I Build My Sites?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate and learned to build my sites following a simple four step process:

Step 1 – Choose an Interest

This means that you can choose what makes you happy – your passion.  Is it dogs, camping, the stock market, politics or making money online?   All you need to consider is if it is something that you you are an expert in, know about or, as I have said, have a passion for.

Step 2 – Build a Website

We are using the term ‘build a website' here as it is the most common means of online marketing, but you could chose to create a YouTube Channel, Social Media account, Podcast list or all four.  Wealthy Affiliate will guide you step by step through this process – with a free website at the end of it…

Step 3 – Attract Visitors

One key point I haven't mentioned here yet as this is not a get rich quick scheme?  You will have to work at it for a fair few months before you start to make money…  Why?  Because sadly, new websites just don't show up on search engines overnight and if people cannot find your website, or do not know it exists, then how can they click on a link and find you.

But don't stress, Wealthy Affiliate has that covered for you as well…

Step 4 – Earn Revenue

We have pretty much covered this to here but the point remains the same.  Once you have chosen your subject, built your website and attracted traffic, then the last thing to do is monetise it.  There are so many ways that this can be done such as via affiliate marketing, selling your own products and running advertising on your pages.

mountain top landing page - ezoic earnings

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Most people who join Wealthy Affiliate do so via the Free Starter Membership. Unlike most other online platforms, the FREE starter membership provides for enough access to get a website started including:

  • The first phase of the either the Online Entrepreneur Certification and/or Affiliate bootcamp training – 10 lessons
  • 1 free sub-domain website
  • Web hosting for your free website
  • Access to the WA SiteBuilder to build and manage your website
  • Limited access to Jaaxy – WA’s keyword research tool
  • Access to Site Content – WA’s post writing and publishing tool
  • 7 Days of Full Mentorship & Expert Help
  • Access to Site Support.

From there, Wealthy Affiliate has 3 available memberships clearly outlined on their pricing page.  They have a Starter membership (FREE), Premium ($49/mth) or Premium Plus+ ($99/mth) with discounted yearly pricing also available.  There is no time limit on the starter membership and there are no further upsells involved.

It would be remiss of me not to outline here however that in order to fully create your online business, you will at some stage need to invest in a membership option. Pricing table is as follows:

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Review - pricing

So what have you got to lose? – you don't even need a credit card to get started! So click on the link below and we can get started together.

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