Hello again my fellow sea changers, today we continue our learning journey into all things affiliate marketing by running through the process of how to build an affiliate marketing website. This is not a short process and obviously one that we can't completely cover in one post however we can certainly investigate all of the base steps required to at least get your website up and running in the big bad world of the internet!!

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website - header

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website

To assist with this plan I have broken the steps down into three main areas:

  1. Planning your website
  2. Building your website
  3. Publishing your website

Let's go for it!!

Planning your website

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website - planning

For me it took a few weeks to finally get around to building my first website. This was not because I didn't know how – well, partly because of that – but mainly because I really didn't know where to start. I had an idea of what I wanted to sell but I had absolutely no idea how to actually start it. I mean what do I put on the site and how should it look?

I was also worried about the fact that if I published my new site, then what happens if someone looks at it and it is not finished, or good enough to make a sale?

These were many of my questions and, to be honest, I think fear was the main reason for my hesitation. That was until I became aware of the following:

  1. You have time – once you start your website and get it published, the chance of someone finding it immediately is remote as search engine optimisation (SEO) takes time (this sounds scary but I think is a good thing). This means that you have plenty of time to tweak and update your site as you start to build it up to a point where it attracts visitors.
  2. You can change everything – The website building tools in use these days make it so simple to change the entire look of your site in about 30 seconds flat. Building a website is fun – It took me a bit to realise this but as soon as I did, it felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders.
  3. You get constant confirmation that you are on the right track – this one might sound foreign at the moment but trust me – the first time you see your site on a Google search results page you will know what I mean.

However, the most important thing, and the thing that I was missing – which is a major reason that it took me so long to start – is to get your site planning right from the very beginning. If you have that, the building is simply a process of following the steps outlined in your plan. Below are the main points to gain clarity on:

Watch me build a website from scratch in just 7 days.

What are you selling?

Let's start with the most critical piece of information first. What is it that you are selling? REALLLLYYY think about this as this is what will provide you with most of your answers to the questions you may ask as you continue to build out your site. Now, the reason I say to really think about it is because the real answer is not always what you think it is…

Let's look at an example of what I mean. Say you are planning to sell weight loss supplements. You have investigated and found some affiliate programs and you are good to go. This however is not the end of the question as there are two main areas that you need to consider:

What is your niche?

In simple terms, weight loss supplements is a niche – a segment of the fitness or weight loss industries. However, you need to be sure of where you fit in that niche. Wider niches (such as weight loss supplements) will give you more room to move in once you create your affiliate posts, however there may be more competition. Narrower (or shoulder) niches can give you less competition but narrow your subject range. For example, we could consider smaller niches as:

  • Natural weight loss supplements
  • Muscle building and weight loss supplements
  • Food based weight loss supplements
  • Weight loss supplements for women/men/athletes
  • And so on

Do your research – see what is already out there, what affiliate programs are available and if there are any products within these niches that you had not though about.

What problem are you trying to solve?

This is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario but as you are working out your niche, you also need to consider what problem you are trying to solve as a whole. Each post will address a different ‘problem' within the niche but you need to fully understand the overarching problem. If we look at our weight loss niche, some problems you may be trying solve include:

  • Weight loss for new mothers
  • Weight loss for fitness
  • Weight loss for men, women, athletes, injury management etc, etc., etc.

As you can see, the sky really is the limit, but as you can also hopefully see, the problem you are trying to solve will definitely determine the niche and products that you are promoting on your site.

What is your brand?

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website - brand

Branding is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot in the marketing, sales and online worlds. Take McDonalds for example, to some it is the Golden Arches, others the Big Mac (i.e. its food) and to the rest it might be the standardised service that is the same all over the world.

Building a brand does not really happen overnight and can take a good amount of time to establish – which is good as a successful affiliate marketing businesses also take good amount of time to mature. With that in mind, here are a couple of things to think about on terms of the brand that you will be building:

What is your vision for your site? – i.e. who do you want to attract and what will appeal to them? – this follows on from your determination of your niche and problem statements from the previous section.

What is the ‘feel' of the site? – humorous, informative, sensitive, fun, serious etc. etc. – again, this will be strongly dependent upon your niche – For example, a site on news and politics may not be developed with as much humour as a site promoting funny pictures and cartoons or with as much jargon as a gaming site.

What will you name your site?

I mentioned earlier in this post that you should not stress too much about your website at the beginning in terms of having to change things. Menus, colours, fonts and even themes can be changed within seconds. However, without scaring you too much, changing the name of your website is a little harder – especially if your domain name is the same as the site title – which is normally the case. When thinking of your website/domain name, you should consider the following:

  1. It should match your brand – remember your niche and problem statement.
  2. It should be short and easy to type – type it in yourself, if you can't type it easily then change it.
  3. Use keywords – make the name of your site something that people will search for.
  4. Make it easy to pronounce and spell – for obvious reasons – avoid characters, double letters (in different words – e.g. weightlosssubstances.com), hyphens and numbers.
  5. Research it – see what else is out there – you don't want to go through the whole process of naming your site only to find someone else has already thought of it.
  6. Make sure the domain is available – i.e. if your site is called “Coffee House Starters” you would probably want to ensure that www.coffeehousestarters.com is available.

Take your time and make sure you are happy with it – this is not something to rush. Run it by others – just in case you have missed something such as a connotation or closeness to a famous brand (The big companies tend to make you shut your site down if it is too close to, or can be confused for theirs).

What do your competition do?

Finally, don't be afraid to learn from others… After all, they have already built success so why not emulate it. Find sites that are similar to the one you have planned and take note of their branding, style, site content and even how they promote themselves.

All of this will help you as you start to build your site and grow your business. Remember the golden rule here however – you are copying their ideas, NOT their content… That will get you into all sorts of trouble.

Get Away From the Rat Race and Work From Home

Anyone wanting to build an online business can get started using Wealthy Affiliate because it has all the tools you need!

You too can start your very own online business here that can make you money from anywhere in the world!!

Building your website

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website - construction

Ok, so now that you have your plan in place you can build your website. This is the fun part and luckily for us, there are a number of good platforms that allow you to create, edit and host your website all in the one place. There are quite a few out there so do some searching and see what you think is best for you. I however will start this section with a quick outline of three that I think are the best options for beginners and experienced creators alike:

Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate is my number 1 recommendation and the reason behind my learned abilities and success in affiliate marketing. As a website building platform it contains:

  • WordPress website builder with over 1000 free WordPress themes
  • 2 Free domains (.siterubix. domains)
  • Domain purchasing platforms and website hosting
  • WordPress editor including access to plugins
  • Complete free training package that takes you step by step through the website development process
  • Upgrade to premium membership for access to more training, live support and forums as well as weekly live training and hosting for up to 50 websites.

WordPress – WordPress is a website development and hosting platform with the following:

  • WordPress website builder with over 1000 free WordPress themes
  • 1 Free domain (.WordPress. domains)
  • Domain purchasing platforms and website hosting
  • WordPress editor including access to plugins
  • Complete set of tutorials to run you through the website development process
  • Upgrade to WordPress plans to access custom domains

Wix – Similar to WordPress, Wix also provides a full website building, hosting and editing platform including:

  • Wix website builder with 100s of targeted themes
  • 1 Free domain (.wix. domains)
  • Domain purchasing platforms and website hosting
  • Wix editor including access to plugins
  • Complete set of setup wizards and tutorials to guide you through the website development process
  • Upgrade to Wix plans to access custom domains, SEO tools and extra site hosting

Regardless of the platform you choose to create your website, there are obviously a number of choices and variations that can be made as you run through the process. Further assistance can be located within the internal tuition materials of each platform that can guide you through each step. The video below will provide a demonstration of the basic website creation steps using the Wealthy Affiliate website creation tool based on the information outlined within the following sections:

Choose your website theme

In most cases, the first step in the building of your website is to determine the theme you wish to use for your site. A website theme is essentially a pre-designed website template that can simply be edited and reformatted to meet your own needs. Effectively, a theme allows you to create your site without the need to become an expert in HTML and CSS code.

As you create your site, you will be presented with a list of themes that you can view.

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website - themes

How do I choose a theme?

Most themes are built for a specific purpose such as online sales, blogging, artistic displays etc. which determines how the pages appear in the internet. When looking through your themes, view each one with the following considerations:

  • What type of page you will have (blog, product catalogues, e-commerce etc.).
  • How you want your landing page to look (static page, blog roll etc.).
  • Whether you want your main headings to be visual (pictures) or done with simple word headings.
  • Whether the colouring and layout match your niche, brand and problem to be solved (e.g. product catalogue for physical solutions, blog roll for information or affiliate marketing etc.) – this is quite important. For example, you probably don't want to choose a theme with predominantly black colourings for your site that discusses the making and use of baby clothes.
  • And most importantly – whether it matches your original vision for your site.

Add your logo

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website - logos

We mentioned earlier that there are a number of aspects to consider as you build a brand for your website such as the colouring, writing style, opinions and overall feel. There is one other thing however that will often bring all of this stuff together – and that is a logo.

A logo is critical in terms of brand recognition and should be unique, eye-catching and match your site purpose and/or vision. That said, you really don't need to spend a lot of money on its creation – in fact most people when starting out will create a simple logo in a product such as Canva.com or LogoJoy.com or you can pay a few bucks and have one built for you on Fiverr.com.

Customise your site

Once you have your theme and logo, you may wish to customise your site to bring it more into line with your brand and niche. This may include:

  • Changing the base pictures/graphics
  • Adjusting the colour scheme
  • Adjusting the font
  • Adding social media links (if you have social media sites setup – this may happen later on)
  • Setting up menu structures

It is important to note here that the templates and themes that you select as part of the baseline package in any of the platforms listed above are usually a ‘free' theme. Free themes will often limit the changes that you can make and not all themes allow the same adjustments.

In most cases, you can purchase an upgraded version of your theme that will allow many more changes and richer customisation. However, until your site matures I would recommend just selecting a theme with the default font and colour schemes that fit with your brand.

Purchase your domain

Depending on the platform, this may be done before you select your template, once the site is first created (prior to publish) or even as you publish. In most cases you will already know what your domain will be based on the research you undertook when naming your site. But as a refresher, your domain should:

  1. Match your brand
  2. Be short and easy to type
  3. Use keywords
  4. Be easy to pronounce and spell
  5. Be unique and not too close to another site or competitor
  6. Be available – in fact, must be available

Most website building platforms will allow you to choose and purchase your domain name as you build your site. Once you purchase the domain it is yours and yours alone. No one else is allowed to use your exact site name once you have effectively taken it off the market.

Note: The exception to this is the suffix. It is strongly recommended that you purchase the.com version of the domain name such as www.coffeehousestarters.com. This however does not mean that someone cannot purchase www.coffeehousestarters.org or www.coffeehousestarters.net.

This does happen and some people choose to purchase all three (or more if you want your own country site as well e.g. .com.au) just to ensure that they have a completely unique domain name. I haven't gone down that road, but many do.

How much do they cost?

Most domain names will cost between USD$13 to $18 to purchase renewable yearly.

Publishing your website

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website - publish

Ok, now that you have a template/theme with a logo loaded and a domain ready to go, it is time to publish. Again, the process is simple and most platforms will do it all automatically for you once you click on the ‘Publish‘ button. Some may asks a few extra questions or ask for a few more settings but in the end, it is as simple as that.

Simple test – go to your web browser and type in your website name – it should appear there for you!

What next?

Wow, where do we start? Now, each of these is the subject for another ‘How to‘ post so we will not cover it all here but the following is a list of some of the things that you will need to do:

  • Start adding content – this is king and should be your main focus as your site matures – start adding products, blog posts and any other awesome content that you have planned.
  • Search Engine optimisation (SEO) – you will need to register your site with the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) so that people can find you online.
  • Social media – Setup relevant social media accounts for your site so that you can drive more traffic to your site.
  • Add customised users – makes the site more personable.
  • Videos – preparing and shooting videos for your site.


Ok, so that was a very basic run through on the processes on how to build a website for affiliate marketing (or anything else really). As usual, there really is so much more that we could cover so keep an eye on the How to section of this website as I continue to expand on the topics covered in this post and all things affiliate marketing. Is there anything is particular you would like help with, or anything that you would like me to expand on from this post? If so, please comment below and I will be sure to get something out there for you.

Are you ready to go now and need more help?

If you are ready to go now and are looking for a comprehensive training platform that can give you step by step training, 24/7 support, tools to develop and host your very own website and access to some of the best affiliate marketing minds on the planet, then click on the following link to read more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. This may include sales made via Wealthy Affiliate.

Introducing Wealthy Affiliate, My #1 Recommendation for Setting Up Your Own Online Business

wealthy affiliate new home page

When I started, I knew I wanted to work online, but had absolutely no idea where to begin! You see I had watched friends of mine run a sales party to sell essential oils and someone asked if they could just sell them online?

Then, as I sat on the bus heading into my office job, I started to wonder if I could do just that, sell essential oils online.

Anything to stop having to catch this bus to and from work every day right!

The trouble was, as I mentioned above, I had no idea how to even start.

So of course I started to look around online and found all these courses! They all promised me riches then took my money but left me with no riches!

Then I stumbled across the program that didn’t promise me riches, but told me it could help me get started even with no experience!

So I did that, joined Wealthy Affiliate that was it, and the rest as they say, is history!

But it doesn’t come without work!

That is the key here! I began on their starter membership and did the training! I then joined as a member and did some more training!

Each night after work, I would do a little more, then a little more.

And to cut a long story short, after 10 months I realized I didn’t really like writing about essential oils, so I sold the site for about $2000. But I had learned so much that I started another – about fishing and camping!

Then, after 18 months (by which time it had earned me close to $10k), I was offered $17k for the site, so I sold it too.

Now, through my travel blog, I’ve been able to fund my passion for travel and explore different places around the world.

In the past few months, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to some amazing destinations, including Bali, Los Angeles, Dallas, Vancouver and Las Vegas.

The success of my travel blog has allowed me to fully fund my travels and explore new destinations with my family.

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Try the Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member and Build your First Hub!

As you start your journey, Wealthy Affiliate is there for you with the most comprehensive training package I have ever seen – And as I have mentioned, I have used a few in my professional career trust me.

To get you started, Wealthy Affiliate has recently introduced the Hub.

The Hub

The hub is an AI based niche and website creation tool that will get you up and running with the foundation of your OWN business in just a few minutes. This includes:

  • Your website – hosted and inclusive of a WordPress editor
  • Your brand
  • Your ‘done-for-you’ research
  • Your blueprint
  • A task list that is going to help you drive the creation and growth of your business moving forward.
Wealthy Affiliate Review 24 - Hub screen

The hub makes the website creation process simple which allows you to get started on the training with a solid base and understanding of the processes.

All you need to do is choose your subject – which is known as your ‘niche’ – and follow the steps on the screen.

Oh, and as you run through the training below you may realize that what you created above is not exactly what you want. That’s ok, you can just create a new hub!

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Then as you continue your journey, the Wealthy Affiliate Hub is there for you with the most comprehensive training package I have ever seen – And I have used a few in my professional career trust me.

Above we discussed the use of the Hub to set up a website. Once you have done this, you will be able to access the “Step-by-Step Core Training”.

This is available to all members including starter members and will give you everything you need to know to continue to create your online business.

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Member Training

There are also Live weekly classes taught by REAL industry experts on a range of topics like artificial intelligence (AI), SEO, YouTube, WordPress, PPC marketing and more.

wealthy affiliate master training

Great, What Else Does Wealthy Affiliate Have To Help You?

So, let’s keep this short, Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop-shop platform that provides:

  • The Hub – this is the starting point and uses AI processes to assist you in determining your niche and creating your brand.
  • Complete training programs to assist with the development of your own affiliate marketing website in your own niche.
  • Website creation and publishing tools including access to WordPress editors and themes.
  • AI Content article design and content creation
  • Domain name purchasing (you get a free domain when you upgrade to the Premium membership).
  • Website hosting, security and backup.
  • Online help and chat forums.
  • Weekly live training events.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Keyword access tools.
  • SEO assistance.

The platform has been active for over 15 years with the original developers and owners, Kyle and Carson, still extremely active in its day to day operations – especially as they rollout their AI capabilities.

wa first two steps

You Can Try it Yourself For Free

Now of course I can tell you all about how Wealthy Affiliate works (because it does) until I am blue in the face. But every other program out there – including the shams and scams – will tell you the same thing!

So how about you just try it for free yourself. The Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership is free to join and gives you access to everything you need to get started – all without the need to spend a cent!

With the starter membership, you get:

  • 1 Limited Business Hub
  • 1,500 AI Word Credits
  • Try the AI Author Platform (BETA)
  • 1 Practice Website
  • Jaaxy Starter
  • Limited Help & Support
  • Core Niche Training (8 Classes)

And of course I will be there to help you every step of the way as well!

Look, in the interest of transparency, whilst Wealthy Affiliate does offer a free starter membership, this is designed to give you a look around, have a practice and see if it is worthwhile for you – which is a really great option.

However, as with all new businesses, you will need to make some investment so if you are serious about making money online , you will need to upgrade to a premium membership as this will give you access to all the tools you need in the one spot to succeed!

Afterall, every business needs tools to grow!

So How Much Does This Really Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate does not use upsells once you join – but as I mentioned in the video, to succeed here you will need to invest in a membership. There are a couple of options that provide access to all the tools, training and assistance that you could need – and a free domain as well.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a trio of membership tiers, as detailed on their pricing page.

You can opt for the Starter membership at no cost, the Premium membership for $49 per month or the Premium Plus+ membership for $99 per month. That’s the full extent of it – and you can absolutely build your website without having to spend another cent.

You won’t encounter any unexpected additional charges or covert fees and as a Premium member, you’re equipped with all the essentials to initiate, develop and expand a thriving online enterprise.

Those who opt for the Premium membership are provided with

  • Hosting for their websites
  • A complimentary domain name
  • Access to hundreds of hours of current expert tutorials
  • Various marketing and research tools
  • Personal guidance from seasoned professionals in the field
  • And much much more

And for those of you who want to make a serious investment into your future, there are some yearly options as well below to give you peace of mind that you have a whole year ahead of you to get stuff done!

And Don’t Forget the Personal Coaching

Once you join, not only do you get plenty of assistance from me, but you also have access to expert coaching, support and mentorship from real industry experts.

I mean, you can have access to all of the top-tier affiliate marketing training in the world, but inevitably, questions arise, particularly during the initial stages.

With an exceptionally dynamic and engaged community that boasts over 2.7 million members, Wealthy Affiliate offers an environment where you, as a member, can fully immerse and leverage this network.

You’re never alone; you have the collective wisdom of an entire community at your fingertips, ready to assist at any moment.

Plus, there’s always-on, rapid-response website support to handle any technical queries you may encounter.

WA graphic

Wealthy Affiliate Works: Real Results From Real People

As I have mentioned a number of times, Wealthy Affiliate has helped me make real money online though its training and tools.

I have made money each month as well as a sale for $17,000.

But again, those promoting other programs will tell you the same thing!

So let’s get away from me and see what others are saying:

To start with, Wealthy Affiliate has a 4.9 out of 5 Star TrustPilot rating, which is a remarkable accomplishment in any industry, let alone the online business industry.

WA trust pilot image

And here are some of those reviews:

wealthy affiliate trust pilot

And this is what people are saying within Wealthy Affiliate as well:

home page - success at WA

So, Let’s Make a Decision!

Let’s be frank, you have read this far so why not go all in, click on the button below to get started on the way to your very online business.

And once you are in and have had a play around with the hub, look for the little envelope on the top right and there will be a message from me. It is of course automated so respond to let me know you are there and we can start this journey together.

(oh, and the profile is mine so you can find me that way as well)

wealthy affiliate envelope

See you there


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  1. Hi Paul,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on how to build an affiliate marketing website. I particularly enjoyed your video on building a website in 7 days. I found it very inspiring. Do you mind me asking what equipment you used to film the video? I would love to try doing something like that for my own fledgling site. I agree with your advice for your readers to try wealthy affiliate. I have found it really useful with some great training and support. Thanks in advance, Andrew

    1. HI Andrew,

      I am glad it was helpful, I use Snagit to build my videos – it is not as functionally rich as others but does the job for what I need.


  2. I think having an affiliate marketing business is great. But I am not quite sure that I can be able to build my own website because I am not aa tech-savvy. Do you really think that anyone can build a website and have a successful affiliate marketing business? And choosing a niche is a great decision and your success can depend on it, what are the pointers that can help me pick the right niche for me?


    1. Hey Adyns,

      I am a firm believer that anybody can build a website and start a business without being tech savvy.  Click on the image at the bottom of this post and see how I do it using Wealthy Affiliate.  Ask questions along the way and we can get you there.  We also discuss niche selection in there.

      As for your niche, the aim is to provide information and solve problems for your readers.  Start with what you know about, or what interests you.  There is nothing wrong with learning as you go if you are passionate about the subject.  If you have no interest in it, then think about it carefully as it will become tedious very quickly.  From there you can narrow or expand accordingly.

      Check out this post which might help too…

      Hope this is helpful


  3. Paul, I did not know what I was going to see, I guess I thought it might be the usual salesy Affiliate websites, I was wrong, Your site is detailed it is thorough and the “How to build the Website” video was really instructive. I loved it. In fact I am watching it again.. 🙂

    You showed me some things which I was unaware of, this despite having built my own website. The theme colour change and some of the other aesthetic changes are now now on my to do list. 

    I am guessing you have quite a good following, if not then I firmly believe its just a matter of time. I liked the visuals and I liked the helpful call to actions. Your website does not look salesy it simply looks helpful and instructive. You come across as a trustworthy and likeable. I thoroughly enjoyed. 

    Good Luck 🙂

  4. This is a great little article explaining the reality and simplicity of owning and running your own website. Your article outlines the many small steps that may seem daunting but are really quite easy and straight forward. For some of us it is a big moment when you have created a website of your own. it is a quite fulfiiling experience and sets the maker in the mood for bigger and better things. All the tools are available to you. when your ready, make the move

    1. Hi Paul

      Absolutely, It is just one step at a time and things fall into pace quite easily.

      Thanks for stopping by


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