How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online

Hello and welcome back to Make That Sea Change as we continue our journey into some of the products and services out there that you can promote as you plan, commence or expand your affiliate marketing or online business. Today I have chosen a slightly off-centre – but booming – niche as we discuss how to make money selling CBD oil online. Admittedly this is a subject that I don’t know a lot about however my research has highlighted this to be one of the fastest growing niches on the internet.

With the growth of the medical marijuana industry, CBD oil has been increasingly used for such ailments as:

  • Anxiety
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Acne
  • Assisting with drug withdrawals
  • Epilepsy
  • Quitting smoking
  • And many more…

In extremely general terms, cannabinoids (CBD) are one of many compounds found within a marijuana/hemp plant . The other major compound of marijuana is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the one that creates the “high” commonly associated with the smoking of the leaves and buds. CBD oils are processed from hemp varieties and do not contain THC and hence are not mind altering.

How do we get started?

Like anything that we want to sell online – or in person for that matter – there are a few things that we need to check out in order to give ourselves the best possible chance to make money. Affiliate marketing can take some time and consistent work in order to become successful, and Multi Level Marketing is a whole other level of work so it is important to ensure that we are clear on what it is that we are trying to achieve as we move forward. To get started selling CBD oils online, consider the following:

The law of the land

This is not usually a section that I add to my “How to Sell…” posts, but in this case it is definitely something to be aware of and take into consideration. This is because even though CBD oil is not considered dangerous or mind altering, many countries around the world still do not recognise it as a safe medicinal product, or even as a legal one.

The obvious advantage you have here though is that online marketing has no real geographical boundaries so you can still create a successful site where most of your sales are managed within another country – and especially within the affiliate marketing space where you are not having to physically process the oil sale yourself.

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - hemp

However, it is always worthwhile being aware of some of the jurisdictional legal implications as you manage your promotion from country to country. For example, where I live in Australia, CBD oil (and other medical marijuana programs) are strictly monitored and can only be accessed via a few centralised government initiatives. It is Illegal also to import it to Australia (although this is changing I believe). The U.S. manages it on a state by state basis where some allow CBD Oil to be sold openly without a prescription whilst others ban it altogether. Canada allows recreational Cannabis however does not allow some other medicinal uses.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t explore this niche if it interests you, you just need to be aware of the legalities in the countries and states that you intend to market to.

Is there a market?

Firstly, and most importantly, you will need to check that there is a market for your product/s – I.E. are there people who want to buy CBD oils – or are interested in them? Now you don’t need to go too deep into things here as you will be revisiting and refining things as you start to narrow down to your niche however in order to check out the market at this initial stage, there are two things you can look at:

1. Number of monthly searches

To start with, let’s see how many people undertake CBD oil related searches online per month. To do this, you will need to find yourself a good keyword tool (I use Jaaxy) and enter in the keywords that best describe your market. In this case, let’s look at CBD oils:

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - cbd keywords

Yep, you can see why I chose to write about it because as we can see here there are roughly 229566 searches for ‘CBD oils’ per month. In my opinion, that is a good amount to prove that there is a market and one of the best I have seen in recent times.

We can break it down a little further to see how many are looking to purchase them online.

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - cbd online keywords

Still 1200 monthly searches – that is really good – especially as there are only about 100 other sites to complete with there.

2. Growth trends

Another important aspect of online sales and niche selection is to ensure that there is a consistent need. To gain an insight into this let’s check out how the searches for CBD oils is trending online.

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - trends

So we can see here that over the past 15 years, CBD oil searches have spiked dramatically. This is a great sign as it not only shows that interest has been maintained over that time, but it is increasing rapidly. This makes this a great product to market.

Note: Growth trends also identified searches for CBD oils being undertaken predominantly on the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia.

What is our niche?

Now that we know that we have a market, we need to start looking at breaking down our market into a niche. To be honest, CBD oil is probably a good enough niche as is without any real need to expand or narrow. Regardless, when making this decision consider the following:

  • Is it evergreen– this means that it can never go out-of-date or style.
  • Are you able to solve a problem– Most people undertake searches on the internet to solve a problem – see next section.
  • Does it have some, but not too much competition– Another way see if there is a market is to see if you have any competition. If not, then maybe it is because no-one is buying.
  • Is it a subject that you have an interest, or knowledge in– I am guessing that you are in this post as you know about, or have an interest in CBD oils. If you don’t have either of these, maybe consider another market as, to be honest, you might struggle to continuously write solid content if you don’t know much about them – or worse, have no interest in them.

As I have said, I think this niche may be enough to stand alone. Having said that, a search on CBD oil does tend to show a lot of sites covering it as a single topic as part of natural and holistic health, medicinal or specific disease related sites.

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - cbd search

That can mean one of two things:

  1. There is not enough content for them to cover it on its own.
  2. There is a definite market for a site that specifically targets the oil and everything about it.

My personal guess is option number 2 – but again, that is where you may need to do some research.

What problem are we solving?

Another aspect of niche selection, and a critical influence in attracting people to your site is to determine just what problem/s you are trying to solve for your readers. This may be one problem that spans your site or differ for each post that you write. For example, if you have chosen CBD oil in general for your niche, then problems might be:

  • What are the effects of CBD Oil?
  • What can I use CBD oil for?
  • Can CBD Oil help me with xxx?.

Tip: I found these potential problems with one search in Jaaxy. This is a great way to work out what problems there are and what to write about within your niche:

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - cbd oil effects

As you can see here, most of these searches are undertaken by people trying to solve a problem. This, along with your niche is key to selling your CBD oils online.

Note: You do not need to identify every possible problems that your readers may have straight away. In many cases, the more you write, the more ‘problems’ will present themselves so initially you really just want to make sure that there are some that may need solving as we have found here.

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How are you going to convince them to buy?

As we continue through our planning stage, there is one last thing to consider which is the issue of consumer buying habits. This is a great niche when it comes to online purchase behaviour as there are no real tangibles (look, touch) that readers may want to check prior to purchase.  that said, your sales/post pitches still need to match the needs of the problem that your site visitors are looking to solve.  Some examples include:

  1. Those that are nervous in regards to the legalities of the use of CBD oil products will need to be given information in regards to their location – this may be in the website as a single page, not necessarily on every post.
  2. Those looking for advice and assistance will want to know that your information is sound and not going to put their health at risk.
  3. At the end of the day, you are dealing with a product that offers benefit to the health problems of your readers – ensure you have done your research and are clear on what it will and won’t do – if not, your reputation as a snake oil salesman will grow.

So at the end of the day, even though we do have purchaser behaviour on our side, to be successful in selling CBD  Oil related products online, consider the following:

  • Solve problems without purchase – That’s right – write your posts in a way that actually makes it easier for people to do their research and buy elsewhere – by doing this, you are solving problems and helping readers out. If they trust you, they will be more likely to return next time and buy from you then – especially if you follow up with posts on similar or compatible products that might interest them!
  • Provide the intangibles – As I have said earlier, this is a niche where the tangibles of the product are not as prevalent.  However, your posts will need to cover this information in a manner that puts minds at ease in regards to how they will feel after use – and sometimes how the products smell.  A good picture of a happy product user will go a long way here too.
  • Do your research – It is very easy to get carried away explaining how great a CBD Oil product is because it is cheaper than the others all the while forgetting to see if it is right for the problem you are solving. Be clear on what it is good for and what it is not. The same goes for the more expensive options… Expensive doesn’t always mean better.
  • Know your audience – A big mistake many make here is to target the product and not necessarily the buyer. This is especially important around older people who may be on medication.  If this is your targeted audience – CBD Oil is supposedly good for a number of symptoms suffered by the elderly – ensure that all of these issues are considered.

Tip: Still not sure? Have a look and see what others are doing. It might just help you with some ideas.

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How do we sell CBD Oils Online?

Ok, so we have an idea that we want to sell CBD oils, that there is a market for them.  So now we need to consider what products we are going to promote.  In terms of selling CBD Oils online, there are three main options you can choose from.   These are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • White Labeling

Let’s check them out below:

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are setup directly by companies or marketplace platforms (Amazon, Ebay etc.) that allow you to join and then refer traffic to them via customised affiliate links.  In short, this means that you will write about CBD oils and all of their problem solving goodness and then refer your readers to a link where they will purchase directly from the vendors.  You then make your money via commissions from those vendors.

For most new affiliate marketers, Amazon is a good way to start with a good array of CBD oils in stock to promote (examples below).

To find affiliate programs in the CBD oils space, simply type “cbd oil: affiliate” into your search engine:

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - cbd affiliate

From here you can search through and find programs that:

  • Relate to your niche/problems that you are solving.
  • Have quality products – your brand can be severely damaged if you promote poor quality or fake oils.
  • Have solid payment and customer service arrangement.
  • Pay decent commissions.
  • Have good testimonials covering commission payouts and quality of product.

In most cases, you will need to apply for the program before you are allowed to promote their products – don’t take this step lightly or you will be rejected. Affiliate programs will generally want to know:

  • Your website name.
  • Traffic levels.
  • Why you want to join – (so I can make money by selling your oils is unfortunately not generally a good enough answer).
  • How you plan to promote their products.

Oh, and before we move on, whilst researching affiliate programs within the CBD oil space I actually found 2 for the use of CBD oil on pets. I have no idea whether this is safe or not, but if you are knowledgeable on the subject or willing to do the research then there is a whole new niche to explore right there!!

Multi-level marketing programs

Multi-level marketing (MLM) programs are the mainstay of the ‘party plan’ world of products such as Tupperware, Mary Kay and Amway etc. and are also becoming more popular within the CBD oil market. If you use them in their basic capacity, MLM programs mirror basic affiliate marketing programs in that you make a commission on every sale that you refer to them.

It is however the secondary aspect of these programs – and where the multi-level influences come from – that can really boost your revenue earning capabilities. The process works as follows:

  1. You attract a visitor to your site and convert them to the sales page
  2. They are offered an incentive to sign up as a member of the program (there are different names for this but they all mean the same thing).
  3. That new member is then placed ‘underneath’ you in a hierarchical arrangement
  4. You then gain extra commissions for everything they sell as well.

The advantage of MLM within the online world however is that if you do it correctly by providing solutions to the problems of visitors to your site, you don’t have to hassle (and alienate) all of your friends that family.

As this industry grows, there are more and more players to be found within in the MLM space – some include Hempworx, HB Naturals and Kannaway.

One final consideration to be aware of here however is that most MLM arrangements require a minimum spend per month in order to qualify for commissions – usually around USD $100 – $150 per month in order to earn commissions for other sales that you, or your down line refer. This can make things a little tight if your site is new and not making any money as yet.  To find possible MLM sites offer CBD oil products, you can try “MLM: CBD Oil” within your search engine:

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - cbd oil mlm

White labeling

If affiliate marketing or MLM is not your cup of tea, maybe you could try white labeling. This is a process where you actually purchase ‘brandless’ CBD oils from a vendor, add your own label and then on-sell them via your website or platforms such as Amazon etc.

This process requires a much higher setup costs as you will need to purchase your oils, create and affix your labels and manage orders and shipment. Some however will affix the labels that you send them and then manage the packaging and shipment for you. This will cost you less to set up but obviously you will make less on the sale once they take their processing fee.

To find these, a simple search for “white label CBD oils” found the following:

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - white labelling

From here you will need to follow the same process as with affiliate programs in determining whether they:

  • Relate to your niche/problems that you are solving.
  • Have quality products
  • Have solid delivery and customer service arrangements.
  • Have good testimonials covering commission payouts and quality of product.

Tip: This method can be very effective in driving online traffic and sales via the implementation of more traditional sales methods such as kiosks and market stalls etc. As people see, smell and feel your oils, they can purchase from you there and then be directed to your website for future sales. Just make sure this is legal in the area that you are in beforehand!

What do we need to do?

Finally, once we have our planning under way, we need to choose and setup the media that we intend to use to sell our product. This can include:

Build a Website

If you have decided to sell your products via affiliate marketing or white labelling then you are almost certainly going to require a website (and possibly for MLM as well if a personalised one is not provided).  Websites allow you to solve problems via blog posts, videos and/or how to demonstrations that people can view in order to solve the problems that they have.  The process here is simple, once you have built your website, you write a post on the benefits of a CBD oil to assist your readers with sleep, then provide links so that they can purchase those oils.

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Promote on Social Media

Social media is a powerful platform that can allow you to get your message out there into the big wide online world. It has the power to reach thousands and allows you to target specific segments if you choose the correct platform. In many cases, social media is used to drive traffic to your website rather than work in isolation. Sometimes however, special media platforms such as YouTube can be used without the need for a website. It all depends I guess on where your target audience likes to hang out.

Tip: One of the problems that you may face in trying to sell CBD oils online is that people may want to know how they smell prior to purchase. Visual and interactive sites such as YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram have proven quite effective within this niche.

Join like-minded groups

Regardless of the niche, there is usually some sort of social media group, online forum or membership page that you can join to gain you exposure to potential visitors and sales. CBD oil groups are popular on FaceBook and can not only allow you to interact with customers but also gain more information and education in terms of content ideas for your posts.  By getting involved with these groups you can really get a great understanding as to what they are struggling with, what information they seek and what products they are looking to buy.  Examples of CBD oil Facebook groups are as follows:

How to Make Money Selling CBD Oil Online - FB group

Note: Many of these groups will not allow you to spruike or promote your sites directly, however if you can interact and demonstrate your knowledge then people will ask you directly for the information. At the very least, as above, it is a great way to get ideas and insight into what people in this area really want to know about and what they are buying online.


And there it is – How to sell CBD oils online. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

Do you want further assistance with any of the above or need help to build your own CBD related website?

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. This may include sales made via Wealthy Affiliate.

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  2. I’m starting see a few websites pop-up more and more about this subject.  The whole country is leaning towards the legalization of marijuana and marijuana products so I’m not surprised.  Even former speaker of the house John Boehner is working to make it legal on a federal level.  I think this is a great market to be in and is definitely going to blow up soon. 

     𝐂𝐁𝐃 oil is an awesome product and is great for pain.  My wife even uses it on our dog that has arthritis

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