How to Monetize your Website Content

How to Monetize your Website Content

Hey there sea changers… In a few of my recent “how to” posts we have discussed how to create an affiliate website, write posts and find affiliate programs. Today we are going to continue our journey into the world of affiliate marketing and discuss how to monetize your website content. Monetizing a website is essentially the process where you convert traffic into revenue. In short, you have people visiting your site and now you want to make some money out if their visit – which, in most cases is why you have set up the site in the first place.

Before we begin however it is important to keep in mind that you may not want, or need to set all of these up right now. Some may not be viable for your site and some may not be accessible if your site is new – but keep these options in mind as your site starts to grow.

As usual, grab a drink, a notebook and let’s see how we can make some money…

Note: In a previous post we discussed some of the ways that you can earn money online. This post is assuming that you have created an affiliate marketing or sales website and are looking to generate income from within it. If you need assistance with the development of an affiliate marketing or online business website, click here.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Monetize your Website Content - marketing

We have discussed affiliate marketing a number of times within this site but for those of you new to the process, I will give you a quick rundown here. In short, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions based on the promotion of other people’s products. It is mainly undertaken via websites (usually blogging sites) and social media where you look at solving the problems of your readers and make product recommendations via:

  • Product reviews
  • How to‘ posts and lists
  • Products rankings and comparisons
  • Process information outlines
  • Tips, tricks, hints and other general information.

How is revenue earned?

Affiliate marketers earn money by placing affiliate links to merchant/vendor sales pages. If their website visitor then chooses to make a purchase, they click on the link for redirection to the vendor site which processes and manages the sale, delivery and customer service requirements.

Commission revenue is generally earned via a traditional cost-per-sale setup where the affiliate is paid for each sale made. Some others however also offer a cost-per-action arrangement where commissions can be earned when a referral customer visits the vendor site and undertakes particular actions such as downloading a catalogue or watching a video etc.

When to action

Affiliate links can be loaded to a website as soon as it has been setup or a post written. Some affiliate merchants however will not accept you into their programs until your site generates a certain amount of traffic. Others, such as Amazon, will accept you immediately but on a trial basis which is terminated if you do not drive at least 3 sales to their site within the first 180 days.

Placing ads on your site

Placing advertising on your website can be a good way of making some passive income if your website has some decent traffic. The trick here obviously is to have enough advertising on your site to make some income, but not so much that your site just becomes annoying or worse, unreadable.

How to Monetize your Website Content - advertising NY

There are a number of ways that you can make money from advertising on your page, including:

Pay per click ads

Pay per click ads are placed on your site via advertising companies based on the interests, internet use/search history and location of the reader. You, as the owner of the site can generally determine how many ads are incorporated and what they look like but not on what types of ads they are. You can also load these ads onto your YouTube channel for extra exposure and earning capacity. Companies that manage this form of advertising include:

  • Google Adsence – Google’s website ad product.
  • – Bing and Yahoo service.
  • Infolinks – Offers both website ads and in post ‘text’ ads – these are where they place ads within your posts on relevant keywords – keyword ads are usually double underlined.

And once your traffic levels start to rise, you can also move up to higher paying options as well such as:

  • Ezoic
  • Mediavine
  • Adpushup

Selling page space

These ads work in a similar fashion to pay per click ads however in these instances you are actually selling space on your site for more permanent advertising. These ads pay a higher commission but do not change based on the online behaviours of your readers. Companies offering this type of advertising include:

How is revenue earned?

This one is simple – each time a reader clicks on your ad, you get paid. Payment options can be cost-per-click or cost-per-action. If I am being honest, these advertising processes are generally a set-and-forget type scenario as they really do not generate any real income until your site starts to generate serious traffic. As an example, I placed 3 ads from Google AdSense on my site once it reached abut 200 monthly viewers and made about $1 per month. Commonly reported expectations are set at about $6 per 1000 visitors to your site.

When to action

Generally, the advertising brokers will not accept your site unless there is some traffic generated to it. I started at 200 monthly viewers but it is really up to you when you start. My main recommendation however would be to really consider where you want to have ads placed on your site – especially if it is new and you are still tweaking the set out.

Selling e-books or other products

How to Monetize your Website Content - books

As your site grows and you start to create a decent amount of content, you can then start to monetise it via the on selling of your own products such as:

  • E-books – This can be extra content, a collection of the best information from your best posts or a how to training guide etc. that you can sell at a severely reduced price. The main reason to do this is to gather an email list (which we will discuss next) but if you are working in a niche where you are an expert, then this can be a good means of generating some extra income.
  • Books – As with e-books, if you have enough content or know how to write a book based on your niche, then this is another way to earn some good money online. You can also sell them on marketplace sites such as Amazon to drive more traffic back to your site for their affiliate sales etc.
  • Merchandise – If you have built a good following that has turned your site into a well-known authority or brand within your niche, then maybe you can add some merchandise. This usually works best for hobby niche sites but others can be just as successful. Examples include T-Shirts, Phone covers, Stubby Coolers, Hats or just about anything else you can think of.
  • Tools – Online tools are another great way to generate income to your site  – especially if you can offer subscriptions for ongoing use (as long as it is worth it).  Common tools include, template creators, calculators, plan creators etc.  Basically, if it is something that can help people work stuff out, then it is a tool.  Oh, and search engines LOVE tools  – they are great SEO juice!

How is revenue earned?

Revenue is earned by direct sales to the reader.

Note: This option will require some fairly significant (but not too difficult) changes to your website to allow for the display of products and processing of payments. Please comment below if you need any assistance in this area.

When to action

To be honest, I was about to write that you would probably want to have built a good and loyal following before you started to attempt these types of sales. But you know what? You can never tell what will prompt a person to purchase so I am now thinking that if you have your products ready and your site can handle it, then why not test it out?

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Email lists

Email lists are one of the most effective means of generating revenue for you and your website. This is because once you have the ability to send your readers a direct email, you are able to then promote products, promotions and special deals directly to them without the need for them to search and locate your site. In general, you will need to do the following (in extremely abbreviated steps):

  1. Set up your email autoresponder and email list. Common Autoresponders include Aweber, iContact and Mailchimp.
  2. Add an ‘optin’ to your website with an incentive to join (many sites give away some of the products we discussed in the previous section for free in return for their email address).
  3. Send emails to your list with extra information, bonuses and sales offers/promotions.
Affiliate Marketing Email List - opt in

Note: It is critical that you only send emails to those who have ‘opted in’ to your email list via your website or social media. Unsolicited emails are known as SPAM and generally not accepted or appreciated by those who receive them and can do your website and brand irreparable damage. Autoresponders will also cancel your service if they think that you are spamming.

Oh, and if you would like to join my email list, please click here.

How is revenue earned?

Revenue is not actually earned via the emails as such rather provide the opportunity for higher affiliate sales due to the ability to market directly to your reader list.

When to action

Most seasoned affiliate marketers will tell you to wait until you are generating a decent amount of traffic before setting up this type of marketing. This is usually for two reasons:

  1. The cost of the autoresponder software – If you have a new site that is not earning any revenue then this might be a cost that you don’t really need at this point. There are however some free ones out there with limited functionality.
  2. You don’t yet have anything to offer – With so many websites and social media platforms out there, readers are becoming more and more hesitant to give out their email address information for fear of receiving yet another raft of emails. Unless you have a pre-prepared product such as a book or training material you may not have the necessary means yet to lure someone to sign up.

That said, as with all other traffic reliant revenue raising methods here, if you feel your site is ready for it, give it a shot.

Offering coaching/assistance

How to Monetize your Website Content - coach1

Online coaching is a booming industry and one that you can certainly use to monetise your site once it is fully matured and making some good affiliate income. Online coaching is generally offered via website popups or your email lists and offers one on one or group coaching or mentoring.

How is revenue earned?

Revenue is earning by way of once-off training or recurring membership within your coaching program.

Note: This section refers to coaching and mentoring programs that you personally undertake with your readers and not affiliate marketing links that you may have to the coaching courses of others.

When to action

I once saw a post in an online Facebook marketing group that went like this:

“Hey guys, can anybody tell me how I could promote my new course on FaceBook marketing?”

I kid you not!!

Online coaching is all about credibility. Unless you are already and expert within your niche/field then it is probably not feasible to set up an online coaching course if you are just starting out in Affiliate Marketing or online business. You need to have good quality content, high levels of knowledge and the runs on the board. However if you do have that knowledge or are an expert in your niche (stock market, setting up a business etc.) then this could be what sets you apart from the rest.

Writing sponsored posts

How to Monetize your Website Content - sponsor

Sponsored posts are ones that you write for other people on your own site as a way of promoting their product or service. They can look and feel like your own posts but will generally be required to overtly spruik the features and benefits that you are being paid to write about. You should always identify that the post is sponsored on your site and some people will click away as soon as they see those words as they no longer feel that the information that they are getting is unbiased.

How is revenue earned?

The sponsors of these posts can pay you in the number of ways including:

  • A set fee for hosting the post
  • Number of views the page attracts
  • Number of clicks on purchase links
  • Number of purchases.

When to action

Essentially a company will contact you about sponsored posts once your site is generating high amounts of traffic and has built a good following. Often they will want access to your email list as well so that the post can be sent directly to all who have registered with you.

Many affiliate marketing experts recommend steering clear of these types of posts, but in some niches there can be merit if you have a loyal following who believe that you would only sponsor products that you feel are right for them.


When should I monetize my website?

Like anything else to do with online sales, the more traffic you have, the more income you should make. This also means than many affiliate programs and advertising platforms will not accept your site until it has some traffic (usually around 100 a day on average). You can of course however add saleable products such as eBooks, products and service offers as soon as your website is created.


So there it is. Some fairly solid methods that you can utilise to monetize your site at any, and various stages of its maturity. As always, keep in mind that making money online is a long term process so just because you have some of these revenue earners on your site, it doesn’t mean that you will see any immediate income. As always, patience is the key.

Have you tried any of the above methods? What worked well for you? What didn’t work so well? Please share below.

Do you need some extra assistance with the right ways to monetise your site or do you need help in creating your very own affiliate marketing website?

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. This may include sales made via Wealthy Affiliate or Ezoic.

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  1. These are some great ways to earn income from your website. The best part is that once it is set up it is passive income and you can earn money even as you sleep at night. Of course, the trick to earning a lot of money is to have lots of traffic to your site.

    I love using Amazon, as it is such a huge platform you end up selling products that you aren’t even advertising, as people visit the site from your link and end up buying something totally different.

    • Hi Michel,

      Yes,that is definitely one of the advantages of Amazon. I have heard of some people hitting the jackpot and making huge commissions from a small referal link.

      Thanks for stopping by


  2. Thanks for this very insightful article Paul. As always, you have wonderfully explained all avenues that can be explored to make money online. I love the fact that you focus on long-term passive income generation and not building an income stream that dry up fast. 

    I would like to know more about selling online but am not sure if I have truly marketable content. I will bother you with questions on how to process payment online but, at this stage, will appreciate your thoughts on how to gauge whether my offerings are actually worthwhile for the cyber audience.

    PS: I did dabble with google adsense for a while but the revenue was pitiful and it made my site look positively ugly.

    Thanks for the share


  3. Hey there,

    Thanks for the post, it was very informative. I have my own affiliate marketing website but it’s still new. Having some old concepts re-read really helped me. Ad tweaking is very important, so if one doesn’t work, change it with another and maybe different placing.

    I really think affiliate marketing is something anyone can do if they really invest their time in it.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi there

      Yes, you need to continously monitor and adapt to what works and what doesn’t.

      thanks for your comments


  4. Perfect info for one who is a first time monetizer. All the options are clear on how to earn the revenue. 

    I am now at the point to monetize and this article will help to decide which are the best for me. There are more advanced strategies, I will stay with the basic ways to start with. What will be the best options and how to go about it Paul?

    Thank you for a gem of an article!


    • HI Stella,

      Many newsite builders start with marketplace programs such as Amazon, Ebay or even something like Walmart.  This is because they have plenty of options to cover most niches and tend not to have traffic limitations on joining.  You do need to drive at least 3 sales for Amazon in the first three months or they will cancel your account however you can always reapply immediately.

      As you then get more familiar and your traffic grows you can then step out into other programs.  Check out my post on affiliate programs here – it may also help.


  5. Monitizing my content, this is the idea am looking up to achieve. It sound so simple but very difficult to attain. This is because it takes extra time for a particular traffic to become your loyal visitors. This is why many people have to pay for engagement just for their site to rank. When it rank, there is possibility to gain huge traffic visiting your site. Am a beginner in affiliate marketing world. I just built my website and many reviews I have read about specific product and their Marchant demand me to have certain amount of traffic before I can become their affiliate marketer. This is what am working towards. All these tips you’ve mention are the correct ways of getting your content monitized. 

    • hi Stella

      Yes, unfortunately that is a common occurence and it is definitely a chicken and egg type thing.  You want affilaite links to refer to attract visitors but you need traffic to be accepted in some programs.

      In their defence, many do it to stop scam sites with no substance getting in and damaging their brand.  It just makes it a bit hard for the rest of us as we end up taking up inferior products just to get some links on our sites.

      Hope it all works out for you.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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