How To Start A Podcast

How To Start A Podcast

Hey there sea changers and welcome to my site aimed at assisting those of you looking to get started with your own online business as we discuss how to start a podcast. With advances in technology, podcasting has become a more and more popular for those looking to reach a wide audience with their messaging – which can include online sales.

If you check out any online podcast streaming service, you will notice that like websites, there are episodes on just about any subject you can imagine – including online business creation and management. In fact, some make most of their money via this method as well. Before we begin however, let’s discuss quickly exactly what podcasting actually is…

What is Podcasting?

In something that perhaps heralds back to the world of radio, a podcast is an audio recording that allows users to download and listen to at a later time such as in the car, on a walk or so on. When it comes to an online business, podcasts are effective as a means to :

  • Provide value add such as extra coaching or information
  • Market a new product
  • Tell a story
  • Run a series of expert information sessions
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So for those of you looking to get yourself started in the world of podcasting, there are a few steps you need to take in order to get moving. Let’s check them out below:

1. Choose a topic for your podcast

This first step is probably an obvious place to start, however like anything you plan to create, you must be clear on what it is that you plan to base your podcast upon. This way, you can market a clear and concise message that will attract the right people to your channel.

This of course doesn’t mean you can’t expand your topic content as your channel grows, but you do need to be very clear on what you with be talking about from the beginning. This way, it will be a lot easier to plan your content over a number of episodes and even seasons.

2. Come up with a catchy name

As mentioned above, podcasting is becoming an extremely popular medium for getting that all important message out there into the big wide world. Hence, you will need to make a name that will not only stand out amongst the crowd but also give potential listeners an insight into what it is that you are discussing.

The good news however is that podcasting does not necessarily have to be a serious thing so you can definitely have some fun here. Pick a name that resonates with you as the podcaster and your listeners as as well. And if you are still not sure, then check out some podcast hosting sites and see what others are calling theirs.

3. Create an episode outline

This next step follows on from my first tip above in that you should have a clear outline on what it is that you wish to discuss. This can be undertaken as follows:

  1. Work out how long you want each podcast to be
  2. Write out a list of topics you want to cover
  3. Break them down into sub topics for each episode depending on the length of time you have set out
  4. List the “must have” talking points for each episode
  5. List the ‘nice to have” points that can be added if time permits (or added to next episode)

This of course may change as you get started, however at the very least you will not be going in blind and can adjust as you go. I would also recommend a practice run on your first planned episode to see how your plan may work out as well.

How to start a podcast - podcast planning

4. Obtain the necessary equipment

As with anything to do with technology, there is a wide range of equipment that you can get a hold of to ensure the best quality recordings for your podcast. However if you are just starting out, then a simple smartphone will do the trick for sure.

Then as you grow you can invest in other equipment such as:

5. Choose a host

Ok, now that you have you episode plan and recording equipment in place, you will generally need a good podcast hosting suite that will allow you to:

  • Record, store and distribute audio files
  • Create episode lists
  • Market and monetize podcast episodes
  • Podcast analytics

Many of these platforms also allow you to upload directly to podcast ‘stores’ such Apple Podcast, Spotify and Stitcher etc. as well as social media platforms too.

And to help you out, I have compiled a list of good podcast hosting sites for you too.

6. Record your first episode

Ok, now it is time to record your first episode. Before you begin, listen to other podcasts and take note of how they manage their content and timing. Also consider your own planned tone (serious, funny, witty etc.)

From there, my biggest tip here is to have some fun with it and don’t expect to get it all right straight away. Practice your first section and play with your voice tones and styles, timing and relevance of content.

If you don’t like it, record it again. But don’t get too worked up – as with video recording and blogging, you will definitely improve as you get more used to it all so don’t re-record just because you think one line or bit could be improved – you can work on that for next time.

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7. Publish and promote your podcast

And finally, once you have recorded your first episode, it is time to get it out there for the world to hear. In most cases, your hosting software will take care of all of thus for you, including:

  • Thumbnail graphics
  • Distribution
  • Monetization
  • Analytics

You platform can also assist with promotion as well however you can also increase your listener numbers via addition to your social media, websites and email lists as well.


Why start a Podcast?

When it comes to an online business, podcasts are effective as a means to :
Provide value add such as extra coaching or information
Market a new product
Tell a story
Run a series of expert information sessions


So… There are my recommended steps on how to start a podcast. I hope it has been helpful for you and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share. Oh, and especially comment if you have any experience with these, or any other platforms as well.

Until next time

Have fun


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