Hey there Sea Changers. I have recently been running through some coaching and found that a few that I have been speaking to are a little unsure on how to write a review post. So I thought it was about time I got something out there to help any of you who were also struggling with this as well.

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In regards to online sales, review posts are a great way to get people interested in your blog and products – whether you are affiliate marketing, dropshipping or even working within MLM programs. They're also one of the easiest types of posts to write, which is why they often work really well for beginners. as you can give an honest opinion on whether or not you liked something and still remain unbiased and professional about it.

So let's check out the ins and outs of review posts below…

What is a review post?

In terms of online marketing, review posts can be an extremely powerful post type where products are reviewed, either individually or compared with others, and an opinion given on the findings. They are designed to lead the reader to a sale based on your advice which is usually along the lines of a recommendation at the end that is either:

  • Yep, love it and here is the link to purchase.
  • Nope – don’t bother, but I do have another recommendation for you (with a link to purchase link of the preferred product – AND the product you don’t recommend – you will be surprised how many purchase it anyway).

The thing to remember here is that in most cases, your readers will come across your post as they are looking to make a purchase of the product you are reviewing. In this case then, the thing they are generally looking for is honesty – if you like a product, tell your readers from the start and clearly outline why.

If not, be clear on why not from a practical perspective – don’t just say “this is rubbish cos I think you should buy this other product”. You will only make the sale if the reader trusts your content so make sure you are honest and cover your information accurately – even if you are talking about a program you don't like.

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How To Write A Review Post

Ok, so let's run through how to post a review…

Step 1 – Product identification

The first step of writing a review post is to find the product or service you want to discuss. You should make sure that it is relevant and will be interesting for your readers. If your website is covering a single niche, then the products reviewed should fit within it as this will add to your authority and allow people to trust what you are writing about.

It is always preferable if you have experience with the product however this does not always have to be the case. For example, if you are writing a review on fishing reels for example, you should be able to write about it using the following techniques:

  1. You can leverage your knowledge of fishing reels to decipher the pros and cons of the product you are reviewing.
  2. You can read customer feedback from others who have used the product to see if there are any patterns (such as a number of reviews talking about how a particular area can break for example).

IfF however you are not familiar with the product, which is common if you are reviewing new models or releases for example, then you will need to do some more research into how it works and what the outcomes are.

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Step 2 – Plan your post outline

Next, you should start writing your review by thinking about the main ideas and topics that you want to cover. This part does not need to take long, but if you do it right from the beginning, then everything else will flow much easier later on during the actual post creation process.

The main idea of the review post must be short and contain important information about what is unique or different about this particular product and why people need it – or not. In general, I like to include the following within my blog posts:

  • What it is – A quick outline of what the product actually is – this should be succinct and be no more than a paragraph or two .
  • How it works – This is where you outline the ins and outs of the product and may include functionality, workings or how to use it.
  • Your experience – If you have used the product, outline your experiences .
  • Pros and Cons – What is good about the product and what is not – this may again be based on your own experience or reviews of others from your research.
  • Cost – How much should you expect to pay for the product (or how much did you pay if it is a product you have purchased).
  • My recommendations – This is where you outline your final recommendations – usually a longer version of the pros and cons and whether or not you think the reader should purchase the product.

Many review writers also like to include a quick results section near the start of the post that summarizes their recommendations in a sentence or two as well. A features and benefits section may also be warranted if the product requires it too.

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Step 3 – Write your content

What to write when posting a review can be a little confusing as you start out. But if you take the time to think about your own behaviours when researching a potential purchase, I would hazard a guess that in most cases you simply want to be told about the product (along the lines of our outline above) without too much fuss. The advantage then of these types of posts for blog writers is that they don't need to be too wordy or long.

As you run through each section, outline your information as quickly and simply as you can and make it easy for your reader to make a decision based on your post. In fact, many will just read the product outline and then the pros and cons so make sure these are accurate and clear at the very least. If they like what they see then they will stick around for the rest.

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Step 4 – Add your sales links

And finally we come to the main reason to write a review post in the first place – to generate sales. We mentioned at the beginning of the post our two main outcomes to aim for in review post:

  1. Talk about how great a product link is and add link to purchase.
  2. Talk about how a product is not worth it and offer an alternative product for purchase (often referred to as a ‘bait and switch' or in regards to software releases – launch jacking).

In simple terms, the addition of affiliate links is done in the same manner as any other post. However, as you are offering an opinion on a product or service, readers will close down immediately if the post looks like you are simply trying to sell a product – which of course you are, but it can't be pushed into their face.

So again to reiterate the information above, focus on an honest and open review of the product first with a few discreetly placed banners or links added second.


And there it is – my take on how how to write a review blog post. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

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Until next time

Have fun


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