Kash4Crypto Review

Kash4Crypto Review

Hey guys, and welcome back to Make that Sea Change – as you are all probably aware, one of the main focuses of this site is to assist you in finding good ways to earn money online so that you can fund your own sea change in whatever fashion that may be for you. Those of you familiar with my work will also know that I like to point out what it good and not so good out there so you don’t get burnt with the scams. Hence, when I receive an email that tells me how I can “earn BTC just by TYPING!?” then I am going to check it out. So with that in mind – let’s get stuck into my Kash4Crypto review.

Kash4Crypto Review - sales 1

Ok, so there are two main things I want to check out here – first, can I earn Bitcoin just by typing? And secondly, is it worth the $17 I paid for it?

Kash4Crypto Review - sales 2

For this review, I will run you through:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • Cost
  • My recommendations

Red Flags

At first glance of the sales page, there does appear to be a lot of the usual red flags that are usually evident with these sorts of programs starting including:

  • Plain video with no outline of what the program actually is.
  • Fake testimonials.
  • Statements like: “I know all the others are scams but this is different” etc.
  • Pictures of people living the high life surrounded by Ferraris etc (as is on the main home page).
  • Long winded stories about how the speaker was bankrupt and about to lose everything until he found this.

To be honest, if I wasn’t going to buy for this review, I would probably just walk away.

Quick results

So anyway, back to my original questions… Can I earn Bitcoin just by typing? No, there is way way more to it and even then you will not earn anywhere near what the so call beta testers on the sales page did – funny that!

Is it worth the $17? – No – It appears from my testing that you will need upgrades to make any of it work to start with and you cannot make any money without a working social media account or website etc.

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What is Kash4Crypto ?

The sales page outlines the process as a means of generating Bitcoin by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Type a word (any word will do)
  3. Get Bitcoin
Kash4Crypto Review - 3 steps

All I need to do is download the app to my phone or computer, activate and then generate Bitcoin just by follow these steps!

So let’s do it!

What do you get?

Ok, so I have paid my $17 and after skipping through all of the upsells, I get to the above home page. From here it directs me to my email so I can activate my software and set up my account.

Step 1 – Log in

Kash4Crypto Review - home screen

After activation, I can log in from the home page to access the dashboard as below:

Kash4Crypto Review - Dashboard

Step 2 – Type a word

Now I want to type my word and start earning Bitcoin. On the dashboard there is a button to start getting paid in Bitcoin.

Kash4Crypto Review - start getting paid button

Hmmm, this takes me to a post outlining 6 Freelance Platforms & Jobs That Pay in Bitcoin! (And a link to purchase another program called InstaPayz).

Kash4Crypto Review - 6 Steps post

Ummm, that’s not gonna do it so let’s check out the rest of the dashboard.

AI writer

I have found another section with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) writer.

Kash4Crypto Review - AI

Here is where I can enter my one word under the keyword section. I have entered the word “fishing”

The AI writer then creates an article base on your keyword – which you will need to keep adjusting until you find one that actually works. I couldn’t even get the one in their example to work.

Step 3 – Earn Bitcoin

This is where it all falls down when compared to the sales page. To earn any sort of Bitcoin you will need to:

  1. Join one of the programs listed in the post above and access their job offer pages.
  2. Use the AI writer to generate a document – looks like you will need to upgrade to get it to work.
  3. Find some platforms that will pay you for these posts.

This is in direct opposition to the sales page that outlines ZERO work.

At a glance

Product Name: Kash4Crypto

Founder: Not Stated

Product Type: AI document creator

Price: $17 + upsells

Best For: Those looking to make commission via Bitcoin

Recommended: Not really – I mean it could work if you had good knowledge of job offer pages that pay with Bitcoin and are willing to purchase some of the upgrades but there are far simpler options out there for the same amount of work.

I Made Money Online Whilst Standing Here

See How I Learned To Build An Online Business That Makes Passive Income 24 Hours A Day

I followed this training to the letter and now earn money every day - even when standing on top of a mountain!


  • 30 Day money back guarantee.


  • No free trial option.
  • Platform is extremely limited unless upgrades are purchased
  • You will not make money via this platform alone
  • There are way more than the 3 steps outlined required

How much is it?

  • Front End Offer – $17
  • Upsell 1 – Kash4Crypto Pro – $36.93 (down from $397)
  • Downsell 1 – Above for $26.93
  • Upsell 2 – Kash4Crypto Enterprise – $46.93 (down from $497)
  • Downsell 2 – Above for $36.93
  • Upsell 3Done For You – $39 (down from $397)
  • Downsell 3 – Above for $29
  • Upsell 4Reseller – $197 (down from $1997)
  • Downsell 6 – Above for $97
  • Upsell 7 – IMX bundle upgrade – $29 (down from $297)
  • Downsell 7 – Above for $19
Kash4Crypto Review - sfw image

Do I recommend it?

If I am being honest, this is one that does look like it has potential to be of assistance if you were looking to setup a freelance via Bitcoin however for the base purchase platform – it certainly does come up short.

Firstly, the AI template doesn’t return anything and keeps telling me to upgrade and secondly you still need to join other platforms to attain affiliate links etc.

Additionally, there are definitely some other issues there if you are not experienced in this type of affiliate marketing such as:

  1. You need to understand how the whole online freelance job process works
  2. You need to understand how to create posts etc. that will meet the needs of job posters – again something they say you don’t need but you really do.
  3. You also need to be aware that most job posters will not hire you without a portfolio behind you.

Now to the original sales pitch…

Can you make the sort of money they talk about in the sales pitches? Technically yes, the way they have set it up will work but there is a lot more work involved than they make out. Is it worth $17 – Look, you could do a lot better elsewhere

At the end of the day, I admit to being hesitant to not call it a scam in its base version however it could work a little better if you are willing to purchase the upgrades. You also need to be familiar with the process of turning the docs created into a money making tools that can be onsold.

If however you are looking to turn your interest or passion into an ongoing affiliate marketing business then his program will not cut it for you.

How does it compare to my #1 Recommendation?

Look, the program above can work but it is definitely missing a lot of the critical steps required to become successful as a freelance writer earning Bitcoin. However if you are serious about building a solid and sustainable online business, then I recommend that you give Wealthy Affiliate a try. You will not earn commissions with just one word and you will need to do some work… But in that time, you will have a solid, online money making business to call your very own.

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training, website building (WordPress editor included) and hosting platform that will guide you through the entire online business building process, including Social media and SEO in an easy to follow but comprehensive manner. And best of all, you can join for free and get access to step by step tuition with the tools to develop and host your very own website, help to identify a good niche, 24/7 support and access to some of the best affiliate marketing minds on the planet. Want to know more? Then click on this link to read my complete review about Wealthy Affiliate.


So there you have it, my honest review and appraisal of Kash4Crypto. I hope it has been of assistance but as usual, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out by commenting below.

Do you have any experience with this program or are there any other programs you have been looking at but want to know more about? If so, please comment below and I will do my best to get some details for you.

Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price – This may include sales made via Wealthy Affiliate. I am not an affiliate of Kash4Crypto.

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