Modern Millionaires Review

Modern Millionaires Review

Hello there again my fellow sea changers. Throughout this site we have been looking into the world of online business creation in an effort to fund our sea change. As part of this, I have been doing some research recently into the world of paid advertising – I.e. paying to place ads for your sites on platforms such as Google And FaceBook. During this research, I came across the site I am going to discuss with you today with my Modern Millionaires review.

Paid advertising is one of those things that online business owners tend to either fully embrace, or refute it completely preferring to build traffic via organic means. We use it in our traditional bricks and mortar business for average 500% return on investment so there are some definite advantages to it if you can master some aspects.

This also means that there are a number of training suites out there focusing on this type of thing as well so on that note, what is Modern Millionaires all about? Let’s have a look below…

What is Modern Millionaires?

Modern Millionaires Review - Home Page

Essentially, Modern Millionaires (apparently previously known as The Officeless Agency as well) is an online course that “empowers entrepreneurs to create scalable agencies” via setting appropriate charging levels, social media campaigns and the establishment of advertising on such platforms as Google and FaceBook.

I was founded by Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony who both promote themselves as self-made entrepreneurs who were both broke but now do things such as travel the world and buy new cars based on the exact same processes that they are covering in the training. Both have been mentioned in the Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine base don their success.

Once you sign up, and pay your joining fee, you are mentored through each step of the process as follows:

Modern Millionaires Review - sales stripe
I Made Money Online Standing On A Mountain

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How does it work?

From the start here, I have to be clear in regards to the fact that I have not actually joined this program so I am speaking only from the information that I can find on the website. However, the whole process appears to start with some ‘free’ training which, after watching the whole video, is simply a 17-minute sales pitch outlining how they can build you google ads that will cost you less than if you did it by yourself.

There is not a lot of training here and you will definitely not be able to set anything up on it alone. Oh, and there are case studies and reviews on this page from clients who have made recurring income based on this program – a LOT of reviews.

From there, once the video is finished, you are presented with an option to book your Free Breakthrough Call which is where you are signed up to the course.

Please comment below if any of my information is inaccurate or you have experience as a user of this platform.

Then, once you are successfully sold into the program, you are then given one on one training and mentorship as outlined below.

Modern Millionaires course

So, as I have outlined briefly above, the Modern Millionaires (MM) platform is built on working with clients to increase sales, revenue or leads via paid advertising on Google and Social Media. They outline this as helping you build the “keys to creating a lifestyle friendly, dream business” which are:

  1. Having the right skill set for the right niche market.
  2. Having a client acquisition system so you can bring in clients on demand.
  3. Charge enough so that you can provide the best service for them.

MM course curriculum

The MM course curriculum is outlined on the site as follows:

Modern Millionaires Review - What you get
  • Module 1 – The Foundation
    • How to Start – The Right Way
    • Orientation & Weekly Calls With Chance, Abdul & 10k Club
    • The One Factor – Part 1
    • The One Factor – Part 2
    • How to Be 10X Productive
    • How This Simple Business Works + The Opportunity
    • Free Business & Tax Advisory Consultation for MM Students
    • Niche Selection
    • Getting The Easy Breezy Clients
    • Build Agency Site
    • Buying Your Agency Domain
  • Module 2 – Prospecting & Sales
    • Intro To Prospecting
    • Determinant of Success
    • Simplifying Prospecting
    • Niche Industry Research
    • Setup CRM Account
    • CRM x Setup Twilio Number
    • How To Setup Subdomains
    • Cold Email Marketing Training Part 1 of 2
    • Cold Email Marketing Training Part 2 of 2
    • Build Prospect Email List
    • Linkedin Build Profile
    • Linkedin Software Plugin
    • Linkedin Connecting
    • LinkedIn Endorsements/ Withdrawals
    • Sales Navigator
    • Overnight Portfolio
    • How To Setup Payment Processors
    • Screencast Sample
    • Screencast – Behind the Scenes
    • Two Step Close – Sales Process PDF
    • The Art of Deal Making
    • Contracts
  • Module 3A – Driving Traffic (Google Ads)
    • What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work
    • The Psychology of Search
    • Properly Structuring Your Accounts & Campaigns
    • What Is A Landing Page & Why Its Soooo Important
    • What Makes A Great Landing Page
    • What Is The One-to-One Method & Why Is It So Relevant
    • What Is our 1-1 Ad Software And How Can It Helps With Relevance
    • Creating Your Campaign With 1-1 Ad Software
    • Transferring Your Campaign From 1-1 Ad Software To The Google Ads Platform
    • Proper Keyword Research & Why Keywords Are The Backbone Of Google Ad Campaigns
    • Compiling & Organizing Your Keywords Efficiently
    • Market-Forecast Research
    • Campaign Configuration
    • Write Ad Copy That Sells
    • Ad Variations
    • Negative Keywords
    • Ad Extensions
    • Creating Rules
    • Setting Budget & Bid Amounts
    • Why Conversion Tracking Is A Must
    • Integrating Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager – add images-videos
    • Installing Conversion Tracking For Google Ads
    • Integrating Google Ads
    • Get Familiar With The Tools & Track The Campaign Your Way
    • Why It Is Critical To Do Ongoing Optimization
    • How To Optimize The Campaign On An Ongoing Basis
    • Using The Campaign Data To Optimize Your Landing Page
    • Google-Ads-Check-List PDF
  • Module 3B – Driving Traffic (Facebook)
    • Facebook Ads Intro
    • S2 Account Creation I Business Manager Creation
    • S2 Account Creation I Ad Account & FB Page Creation
    • S2 Account Creation I FB Pixel Install
    • S2 Account Creation I Campaign Structure & CBO
    • S2 Account Creation I Campaign Types & Creatives
    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Retargeting CA LLA
    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Strategy
    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Local Lead Gen
    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Broad Lead Gen
    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Custom Columns
    • S5 Optimize & Scale I FB Optimizing & Scaling
    • S6 Bonus I AdSpy & Research
    • Facebook-Ads-Checklist
  • Module 3C – Driving Traffic (Lead Nurturing)
    • FB Leads Ad Integration
    • Lead Nurturing Campaign
    • Add Clients & Employees to CRM
  • Module 4 – How To Create an AutoPilot System That Works For You
    • Creating an AutoPilot Agency Machine (Hiring, KPIs)
    • Team Communication – Slack
    • Asana

How much is it?

As is common with almost all online courses of this type, a clear cost is not included on the website – it is an online marketing thing – so I have had to work at the getting the price from other sources.

In these cases, I like to take the consistency model in that if I do a web search for how much something costs and I get a number of pages tell me the same thing, then I am confident in listing that with the obvious caveats (take this sentence as that caveat – haha).

In general – prices for this course fit somewhere in the $5000 – $8000 mark. And in fact, in the ‘training’ video, Abdul actually shows a screen shot where clients of this course are paying him just over $9000 per month so yes, it is quite an investment.

At a glance

Product Name: Modern Millionaire

Founders: Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony

Product Type: Online business development training.

Price: $5000+++

Best For: Anybody who wants to learn how to build their business via paid advertising.

Recommended: Look, the processes outlined in the curriculum are definitely sound and proven to work time and again. It is a big investment so I would be going in with my eyes open. I will elaborate more on this below.

I Made Money Online Standing On A Mountain

Click on the button below to access the exact training that I followed step by step to make over $1000 a month and growing.

You too can start your very own online business here that can make you money from anywhere in the world!!

Do I recommend it?

Look, as I have mentioned above, the processes here are absolutely sound and will work for you if you can put it all together properly – which is what this course is supposed to do for you. I have seen a lot of junk programs that propose to do this for you but fall catastrophically short. That said, this one is a lot more open in what it offers and the owners of the program are present with a full outline of what they offer on the site.

I admit to being put off by the so called free training video as it really is just a long sales pitch full of red flags such as:

  • Long sales video with lots of words and sales pitches but no actual clear picture of what you get.
  • Lots of testimonials – these appear legit however I am always weary of sites that oversell their reviews
  • Income statements showing how much the founders earn with these methods.
  • Outlines of how broke the founders were until they discovered this.

I guess at the end of the day, there are many places online that you can get this information for free however many do struggle to put it all into place without guidance and mentorship (myself included). So to be honest, as I have said, the processes are sound so I guess it comes down to what investment you are willing to make to build your business.


Part of my research processes for these sorts of posts is to look at reviews of others, and hopefully those that have used the products. This platform, as is to be expected, has numerous reviews that are both positive and negative (not including those on the page and site such as below).

Modern Millionaires Review - review

The positive reviews were easy to categorise – “Yes, I joined – the best thing I ever did as I am now making money…” or words to that effect.

The negative were generally along the lines of:

  • Over zealous sales processes
  • Did a lot of work and made no money
  • Too expensive for what you get
  • Not as easy to convert as they make out

My personal opinion is that I believe that all of these negative reviews are correct for two reasons:

  1. No course or platform can guarantee you will make money – you still need a product, an idea on what you are selling and to do the work
  2. Yes, you can get all of this information online for free – YouTube has hundreds of videos on it as well – it just depends on whether you can manage it yourself.

At the end of the day, the process is sound – I don’t believe it is a complete scam so it just depends on whether you want to part with some $$ on the chance that you can improve.


And there it is – my honest review of the Modern Millionaire program. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice, have any experiences to share or of course if my information it inaccurate.

Do you want further assistance with some other online business building processes?

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. This may include sales made via Wealthy Affiliate. I am not an affiliate of Modern Millionaires.

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