New Earth MLM Review

New Earth MLM Review

Hey there Sea Changers, and welcome back to my series of MLM reviews in an effort to help you find ways to fund your own sea change. Today I am going to have a look at a company that promotes its products as “Earth’s Finest Foods™” with my New Earth MLM Review. New Earth are another Supplement MLM based on organic products with certifications of Kosher, Halal, and USDA-organic. In general, making money selling supplements online can be an extremely lucrative market based on the ease of selection and low shipping costs so with that in mind, is New Earth a MLM worth checking out? Well grab yourself a protein shake, a notebook and let’s give it a look …

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What is MLM?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) programs are the mainstay of the ‘party plan’ world of products such as Tupperware, Mary Kay and Amway etc. More recently however, online marketing processes have become more and more prevalent within the MLM space including the health supplements market. One of the reasons for this is that the increased online presence of many modern MLM programs has to large extent alleviated the need to run parties – and, more importantly, not hassle everybody you know to join (you can of course, but you don’t have to).

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The ‘multi level’ aspects of MLM come from its hierarchical nature in which you make commissions based not only on those that you sell to, but also the sales of those whom you ‘sign’ into membership arrangements as well.

In short, the process works as follows:

  1. You join the program, either via referral from another person (known as your up line) or directly through their website.
  2. You promote the products of the company via parties, workshops or online.
  3. As you make sales, you offer incentives to your customers to sign up as a member of the program (there are different names for this but they all mean the same thing).
  4. That new member is then placed ‘underneath’ you in a hierarchical arrangement (known as your down line).
  5. You, and a number of levels of your up line, then gain extra commissions for everything they sell as well.
  6. If they manage to refer their customers into memberships, they also become a member of your down line allowing you to make up line commissions as well.

The number of levels of your up and down lines will vary depending on the program you have joined. Commission rates will also change as your down line grows or contracts and many will also offer other incentives such as total company sales percentages and/or access to membership prizes as your own business grows.

Who is New Earth?

New Earth MLM Review - Home

Whilst I have been unable to locate information in regards to who founded the company, New Earth had been in operation for over 30 years. The company works on the premise that “to live fully means to be healthy first” and strongly advocate that those joining the program share these values to the fullest.

The company is based in Klamath Falls, Oregon in the U.S and runs its company and program on three pillars as follows:

  • Live: To live fully means to be healthy first—healthy in body, mind, and spirit.
  • Give: Giving is such a core part of who we are that we’ve integrated it into the way we do business.
  • Grow: The ideal business model offers the opportunity not only to grow financially, but to also grow as a whole person.

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What do they Sell?

New Earth offers all natural supplements aimed at health and nutrition within the following categories:

  • Supplement Powders
  • Capsules
  • Softgels

New Earth MLM Review - Products

Products are offered as single options or within specialised bundles designed to cover your every nutritional need such as energy, clarity, recovery and flexibility. There is also a natural moisturizing lotion available as well.

Prices are generally on par with most others within this industry (such as First Fitness Nutrition and Isagenix stock)

MLM Program outline

The New Earth MLM program calls its members ‘Associates’ who are part of a fairly extensive program with a large number of commission and bonus payment options. The program runs on 5 behaviours to success being:

  • Selling
  • Enrolling
  • Team Building
  • Leading
  • Retention

The compensation plan is freely available on the website and reveals base details as follows:

Base Commission rate: 20% Retail Sales, 10% ‘Preferred Customer’ sales

Down line commission rates: 1% – 8% to 6 levels (level 1 downline 3%) from rank of Consultant and above .

Minimum monthly spend to qualify for commissions

Associates are required to maintain at least 175 PV points per month – this can be made up of personal and customer sales.

Payment terms: Bi-Monthly and Monthly.

Application required?: Yes, Initial application form on website.

Purchase requirements to join: Yes

New Associates are required to purchase at minimum an Associate Enrolment Kit at time of sign up ($59.00). Enrolment kits do not generate PV/CV points.

Marketing materials provided: Personal Replicated Website, Back office tracking and coaching.

As is common with MLM programs, commissions and rankings are determined by the total Personal Volume (PV) that Associates and their down line generate in a calendar month. Most MLM programs manage it this way in that commissions are paid on the points assigned to a product rather than the entire sales total. Based on the information within the website however, New Earth appears to calculate its PV allocations at around 100% of the USD sales price which is really quite good (many don’t) . So, using this example, if a product retails for $50 which gives it a 50 PV rating (these generally vary from product to product and are adjusted based on the currency that the purchase is made in) then the commission is calculated on the full sales amount. If the commission rate then for a product is 10% it will generate a $5.00 commission payment (i.e. 10% of the $50 commissionable amount).

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How can I get paid?

This program promotes 11 ways in which you can make money when you promote and sell their products – yep 11! Most of these are actually quite standard for a modern MLM program with a few interesting bonus options thrown in as well. As mentioned above, these payments are centred on the New Earth MLM Program 5 Behaviours for Success as follows:

New Earth MLM Review - 5 Behaviours for success

Let’s run through them all now…

Customer Profit

Customer Profit are the base profits earned by the general day to day retail sales that Associates generate via their personalised website. Commissions of up to 20% (10% for customers who sign up as ‘preferred’ for their own discounts) of the purchase value if done so at retail prices are paid.

Note: Associates do not need to meet minimum purchase target of to earn retail profit commissions/payments.

Selling Bonus

Selling Bonuses are offered to Associates who meet increased monthly sales PV targets. These are extra percentages are paid on personal sales (on top of the original sales) and are tiered as follows:

New Earth MLM Review - Selling Bonus

Builders Bonus

The Builders Bonus is a common MLM payment process in where new Associates are incentivised to make early sales. In this case, Associates can earn an extra 5% commission on sales (on top of the first two) for reaching preset PV targets within their first 3 (ish) months of operation. PV targets are as follows:

New Earth MLM Review - Builders Bonus

My PC Bonus

The next two bonuses focus on the attraction of personal customers (who are not looking to become Associates) as Qualified Preferred Customers – or QPC’s. The My PC Bonus rewards associates with a $70 cash payment for every 3 QPCs in their customer list that generate 500 PV in sales.

Note: For the My PC Bonus to be paid, PCs must be ‘Qualified’ meaning that firstly, they must maintain autoship purchases every month. Secondly, they must join as Autoship Preferred Customers from the outset – i.e. Preferred customers who join and them set up autoship arrangements at a later date cannot be considered as Qualified.

Team PC Bonus

The Team PC Bonus rewards Associates who assist those within their level one and two downline to sell customers into a Qualified status from the outset. These bonus payments are as follows:

New Earth MLM Review - Team PC Bonus

Unilevel Bonuses

As the name suggests, Unilevel Bonuses are New Earth’s version of the stock standard Unilevel commission arrangements common to most MLM programs. In this case, commissions are paid to 6 levels dependent upon rank as follows:

New Earth MLM Review - Unilevel Bonuses

As with most programs, the higher the sale, the more commissions are paid. Associates must achieve a minimum of 175 points to qualify for this, and all ongoing bonus options.

Fast Start Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus is another commonly utilised MLM payment option in that Associates are rewarded for each new member added to their downline within their first 60 days of operation (members must join as Associates, not Preferred Customers). Fast Start Bonuses are paid on top of other bonus payments as follows:

New Earth MLM Review - Fast start

Leadership Generation Rewards

Leadership Generation Rewards are the first of a range of payment options designed to reward those who advance to the higher ranks within the program. This option works similarly to unilevel bonuses however calculations are made on generations rather than simple down line levels (a Generation is a group that has formed a downline with an Associate at rank of Elite Manager or above at its head). These payments are made as follows:

New Earth MLM Review - Leadership Generation

Check Match

The Check Match Bonus is another designed to reward those that assist others within their downline in that commissions (on top of all others) are paid on the sales of any member of an Associate’s down line who rises to the rank of Sapphire Executive or higher as follows:

New Earth MLM Review - Check Match

Associates must meet and maintain a rank of Diamond Executive or above to qualify for Check Match Bonuses.

Infinity Bonuses

The Infinity Bonus is paid to leaders at the Ambassador rank for the depth that develops in their down line as they

continue to grow and work. This payment offers 0.25% on all of the CV below their 5th Generation.

Founders Club Bonus

This is the 11th payment option listed within the compensation plan whoever there is no elaboration within the following pages.

Ranking structure

As you have probably noticed, many of the commissions and bonuses paid out above are reliant upon the ‘rank’ that Associates are assigned within the New Earth MLM program. This ranking structure is fairly straight forward where personal commissions earned rise based on total monthly QV and the number of underlings within their sponsorship down line. Rank requirements are as follows:

New Earth MLM Review - Rank 1

New Earth MLM Review - Rank 2

  • QDV = the amount of Down line Volume (DV) that counts towards rank qualification.
  • MVR = for purposes of rank qualifications only, a maximum Down line Volume amount has been established where no more than 60% will be counted towards the DV requirement from either:
    • The Associate’s total PV (includes their Customers) or
    • The total QV from any single leg (all Associates and Customers within that leg)

What is good about it?

So, after a good look around the site and looking at all the options I could find, I do like the following:

  • Base commission rates are good.
  • There are a vast amount of earning options at each level.
  • The compensation plan is comprehensive and easily accessible.

What is no so good about it?

There are also some things to be aware of including:

  • Monthly targets for commissions.
  • Initial (although minimal) outlay to join.

How much can you make?

New Earth does not provide projected income figures on its website. However, based on the fact that even with the extra payment options, their compensation plan does not reveal anything to change the assumption that like most MLM programs that the percentage of members making the upper rank levels – and hence earning a living – is very low (usually less that 1%).

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My final thoughts

Look, MLM is not an easy platform to make money in at the best of times and although there are a mountain of earning options here, there is really nothing to make this one easier than others. From an online business point of view, you still need constantly attract customers, down line Associates and sales to be successful. The compensation plan is however easy to find with options to earn right from the outset as well as a good array of options as you rise through the rank levels.

Associates can also earn commissions and retail profits without the need to personally purchase products (apart from the initial Enroller kit purchase). This means that they can get their business off the ground without any of the initial out-of-pocket costs that can strain the finances at this time. However, if I am being honest, I think that to be successful in any MLM program, you will need to have a good understanding of the products, hence personal sales may be necessary – especially if monthly targets cannot be met with customer sales alone.

That said, there is nothing here that would make me tell you to avoid this one completely – in fact on paper it is one of the better ones I have seen – as long as you go in with your eyes open to the fact that success in MLM is not easy and takes a good amount of time, patience and often, financial commitments as well.

I was unable to locate any negative reviews in terms of non-payment etc. however there was some negative comments about the quality of products and the MLM program itself – although it was not really anything that is uncommon in regards to MLM programs or products within this niche.


So there you have it, my honest review and appraisal of the New Earth MLM program. I hope it has been of assistance but as usual, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out by commenting below.

Are there any other programs you have been looking at but want to know more about? If so, please comment below and I will do my best to get some details for you.

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price.

New Earth MLM Program


Clarity of Information


Commission Structure


Cost to Enter


Ongoing Cost Requirements


Bonus Structure



  • Base commission rates are good.
  • There are a vast amount of earning options at each level.
  • The compensation plan is comprehensive and easily accessible.


  • Monthly targets for commissions.
  • Initial (although minimal) outlay to join.
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