Online Team Builders Review

Online Team Builders Review

Hello there again my fellow sea changers. Throughout this site we have been discussing the world of online business creation in an effort to fund our sea change. Today I am going to discuss with you a training program that I received an email about with my Online Team Builders review.

Initially I was attracted to this site as it appears to be an online business training and management platform meaning that if it is something that can help us improve our endeavours in this field, then it has my immediate interest. So, what is Online Team Builders all about? Let’s have a look below…

What is Online Team Builders

Online Team Builders Review - Home

So, based on the home/sales page, Online Team Builders provides “comprehensive web solutions for building your business” with such options as:

  • Powerful Prospecting tools
  • Effective Email Marketing
  • Lead management and generation
  • Mobile app for team building
Online Team Builders Review - Sales blurb

My experience

After running through the home page, my next step was to follow the call to action at the top of the page that says:

“Start your free training system – Get Started”….

Online Team Builders Review - get started page

Now, as I like to write my reviews based on my own experiences only (I then research after that), I was perplexed at first. But after I went back to the front page and re-read the wording, it all started to make sense.

I found wording such as ‘prospects’ and ‘team building’ which at first glance look to be just about any sales processes, however once you add the word ‘enroller’ to the list, then I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a multi level marketing (MLM) tool. The fact that my initial email asked me to set a time for an ‘interview to answer my questions’ (the reviews state this as a sales webinar) should have also raised my ‘suck me in’ radar a little too.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, however I was unable to find any links to who the owner of the software is, what company/s they are working with or how I can get an enroller password.

So, after reaching the end of my own path, I did some research and from what I can tell, this is an online business building tool for those working within the Essanté Organics MLM program – although there is no referral to this platform on their site. This is ok, however I can never see the need for secrecy with these sorts of things… anyway, let’s keep moving.

How does Online Team Builders work?

From the start here, I have to be clear on the fact that after about an hour of trying – I even tried to join Essanté Organics (but didn’t want to pay an enrollment fee) – I am writing this review without having actually been in the program so I am really just regurgitating the information from the front screen.

Please comment below if any of my information is inaccurate or you have experience as a user of this platform.

That said, hopefully for those looking to get started in this area I can shed some light on what it all means for you. Once you gain access to the program then, you can work with the following:

Prospecting tools

One of the main aspects to MLM membership is to entice others to join as part of your downline. This often entails constant pitching, offering incentives and so on and well as ongoing follow-up. This tool allows you to manage all of that in the one spot with single activity reporting on areas such as:

  • Email opening or link clicks
  • Video viewing statistics
  • Click through rates
Online Team Builders Review - prospects

Email marketing

Via this platform, you can manage email marketing campaigns and the like including:

  • Email auto-responder campaigns
  • Email list building
  • Schedule follow-up emails
  • Professionally designed emails
  • Full HTML editing and customization
  • Customized video emails
  • Email broadcasting service
Online Team Builders Review - email

Lead generation and management

This final section appears geared at managing the actual marketing portion of an MLM business with tools including:

  • Landing pages for emails etc.
  • Custom domains for personal sales websites
  • Business card creation
  • Downline lead disbursement

This section also interacts with their mobile app to allow for lead management from anywhere as well.

At a glance

Product Name: Online Team Builders.

Founders: Not stated.

Product Type: Online Business Training and Management Program.

Price: Sales pitch says free however my research revealed a lot of comments stating this is not factual with costs of $29 – $30 per month required per month.

Best For: Anybody who wants to learn how to build and manage an MLM downline (with Essante Organics).

Recommended: If you are working with the above company, then it may help – if not, then it will probably not help you.

Do I recommend it?

Look, MLM is not an easy platform to make money in so anything that is out there that can help with this has to have some value I believe. So, if you are working within the Essanté Organics MLM program, or have an interest in it, then I would be seeking this out once you have joined.

I would definitely not call it a scam however from what I can tell, it is pretty much worthless unless you are dealing with this company directly. I would personally however suggest that you look into some other ways to earn an income online that can make you far more money for the same amount of work.


And there it is – my honest review of the Online Team Builders program. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, need some advice or have any experiences to share.

Do you want further assistance with some other online business building processes?

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Until next time

Have fun


Note: If you make a purchase from this page, there is a very good chance that I make a commission from it – these commissions do not increase your sale price. This may include sales made via Wealthy Affiliate.

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