Safe Ways to Make Money Online In 2023

Safe Ways to Make Money Online In 2023

Hey there sea changers and welcome to my post where we will discuss safe ways to make money online this year. Over the years, the Internet has become a reliable platform where everyone can reach anyone instantly despite geographical differences. One of its magical aspects is that it’s a channel driven by sales, community hub, and marketing network all at once – and so much more.

Moreover, it has blossomed from being a communication platform into a place where people can earn money without leaving their homes. In fact, there are some “side hustles” that fit in better with the laptop lifestyle than others. There are however inherent risks to do with the internet as well with scams evident everywhere.

There are however ways to earn money online from home whilst maintaining online safety as well. Let’s check them out below.

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Five Safe methods you can try to make money online

5 good options to make money online are as follows:

1. Open a dropshipping business

Starting a dropshipping business might not be as difficult as you think, especially if you can do it at home. Over the years, e-commerce experienced a massive bump in the economic food chain, leading to numerous work opportunities in the industry. And luckily, there are multiple ways to run an e-commerce business, with some even allowing for minimal supervision.

Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce where you won’t need to have the products you sell online in stock. Instead, whenever a customer purchases something from your shop, a third-party platform will fulfill your order. You won’t need to put out excessive sums of money because starting a dropshipping business is highly affordable. Even rookies will find it easy to do because you’ll only act as a supervisor.

Moreover, it’ll be easy for you to chase the latest trends because you can always add new items to your shop. However, it’s also essential to offer products with steady demand for a consistent stream of income.

2. Become a freelancer

If you have some time to spare, one of the easiest ways to make quick money online is to find freelance gigs related to your full-time work and do it during your off hours. For example, you may look for the following roles to earn online:

More often than not, you’ll earn more money by doing small tasks because of high-paying clients online.

And don’t worry because there are many sites on which you can look for jobs. For example, you may try LinkedIn, UpWorks, Textbroker and Fiverr because they offer protection for freelancers in case clients try to scam them.

3. Start Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular method to make some money online. You might not have noticed it, but your favorite influencers and YouTubers have used them for years. Despite its popularity shaking back and forth, it remains a stable way to gain some money through the Internet.

The best factor that affiliate marketing has is that you can choose from numerous companies to work with – the list includes Amazon, Shopify, FabFitFun, and Uber.

Overall, it allows users to earn money by promoting specific brands. So if you’re a savvy marketer with multiple affiliate links, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more commission by including them in a single blog or social media post.

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4. Be creative with online courses

If you have the time to create an in-depth tutorial on something you’re good at, you might want to try making some online courses. With this, you can monetize your expertise without stepping outside your home. For example, you can focus on:

  • Video-editing courses
  • Photoshop crash course
  • How to create an effective blog post
  • Search Engine Optimization 101
  • Virtual assistant courses
  • Data Security

You can start selling your courses on various platforms such as Udemy or Kajabi or you may simply post them online.

To create a great and successful course, find inspiration from trending topics within your chosen niche. Then, look at how the audience perceives the tutorials – I.e. what is popular and what needs more improvement? How can you add value to it? Finally, always aim to create new content to solve the biggest problems while formulating the positive factors people love.

5. Explore the art of blogging

Blogging is amongst the oldest ways to make money online. Most people who have a passion for writing tend to start blogs with a niche in mind. For example, a blog about cars, dropshipping, mental health, etc., is a narrow enough focus to build a strong following slowly. Likewise, also big enough to cover plenty of topics without losing your followers’ interest.

There are numerous platforms where you can create your blog with WordPress being one of the most famous options. But before doing so, you should learn a thing or two about SEO to ensure that your blogs will have better chances of ranking in search engines.


The Internet is a beautiful place where you can make easy money, keeping you afloat during rocky times. Moreover, some people also make it their entire profession, skipping the 9-to-5 hassle.

Who knows, maybe you’re next in line to make some money online safely? You’ll have better financial freedom and work-life balance by brainstorming various online job ideas. So if you’re looking for extra income, check out the work opportunities listed above.

Until next time

Have fun


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