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Step 2 – Build a Website

Follow the very same steps I took to build a website that is making money after just 3 months

Welcome to the Step 2 where we will discuss the following:

  • Why build a website?
  • Website setup and customisation

Why Build a Website?

Website Setup

Watch the original training video below to see the Beach and Fishing website created scratch.

Congratulations, that is Step 2 completed. Please do not hesitate to email me at paul@makethatseachange.com if you have any questions or need and help.

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I used Wealthy Affiliate

In the videos above, and in my day to day websites, I use Wealthy Affiliate to not only host my sites, but provide a platform to build and edit them as well.

The platform has been active for just over 15 years with the original developers and owners, Kyle and Carson, still extremely active in its day to day operations. Membership options start with the free starter membership – which provides limited access to the platform but definitely enough to create a money making website without ever having to upgrade.  Then there are the Premium and Premium + membership options with total access for as little as USD $25 per month ( Premium paid yearly).

In short, it is a one-stop-shop platform that provides:

  • Complete training programs to assist with the development of your own affiliate marketing website in your own niche.
  • Website creation and publishing tools including access to WordPress editors and themes.
  • Domain name purchasing.
  • Website hosting, security and backup.
  • Online help and chat forums.
  • Weekly live training events.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Keyword access tools.
  • SEO assistance.

As you follow the training, each section will run you through step by step the creation of your very own website and the theory behind it. When I did my training, I spent about 2 hours per day on it and had a working website that was ranked in Google within the first week.

And on top of all that, there are many other tools and services that Wealthy Affiliate contains. I will not run through them all completely here as there is just so much – but here is a list:

  • Site content creator – Allows you to create and publish blog posts within WA.
  • Website hosting – your websites are hosted within WA as part of your membership options.
  • Internal Blogging – write blogs for other members about your progress, learning, achievements or anything else that takes your fancy.
  • Jaaxy Keyword search – as part of your membership you have access to Jaaxy – WA's keyword search tool that gives you the absolute best chance possible to get your posts ranked highly in search engines.
  • Affiliate Program search – a key part of affiliate marketing is finding affiliate programs to access and promote.  With Wealthy Affiliate's Affiliate Programs section, you can locate suitable programs to offer as part of your own site.  Programs can be located via
    • Categories
    • Keywords
    • Trending opportunities
    • High commissions
    • Recent keyword searches

For more information – click here

If you want to follow along, of just looking to your affiliate marketing business up and running just a little bit faster, click on the button below to gain access to extra training, assistance and some of the best affiliate marketers on the planet. You will also receive 1-on-1 support from me where I will personally help you to launch your new website.

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Oh, and join as a Premium Plus Member and receive four one on one coaching sessions from me as a FREE Bonus
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Site Domains

Should be:

  • Relevant to your niche
  • Based on keywords
  • Short and easy to type
  • Avoid grammatical issues such as double letters or hard to spell words



  • Match your brand and the ‘vibe’ of the site
  • Be clean and simple to navigate
  • Be relevant to your target audience


Build your own logo at Canva.

About me pages

Should cover:

  • Who are you? – this is your site so allow your readers to get to know you
  • Why are you doing this? – Why have you started your site
  • What are you going to do? – What should the reader expect
  • How are you going to help your readers – answer the reader’s WIIFM.


Should be:

  • Short and sweet
  • Not too cluttered
  • Easy to follow and understand

Widgets and Plugins

  • Don’t use too many
  • Watch site speed
  • Only add them as you need them

Further reference materials

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Note: If you make a purchase from these pages, there is a chance that I can make a commission. This may include sales made via Wealthy Affiliate.