6 thoughts on “What is the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program”

  1. Thanks for this post on the Amazon Associate program. I actually hadn’t even read the TOS yet, so I’m glad I caught your article as I had no idea about a few of those no-nos that could get you banned from Amazon. Note to self: always read the TOS first! haha. I think I am going to diversify my new affiliate site after reading this. I’m feeling it wouldn’t be wise to solely monetize with Amazon in case they arbitrarily decide to boot me off the program lol. Thanks again this was really helpful for me as a reminder on the finer points to participating in the Amazon Associates program. Have a good one.

  2. Hey, Paul. Thanks for this review.
    I have a website and have been thinking about whether Amazon affiliate plan is worth considering.
    Some say it’s not, as they are too controlling and don’t pay enough, while others swear by them.
    This is a well-written post that tells it like it is and doesn’t try to sugar-coat the facts. You’ve certainly filled in a few gaps for me in what is an informative review.

  3. Hi there, been avid Amazon affiliate for a while & I have some questions.
    Can you join all of these 14 countries in Amazon Associates network that you are listing here?

    I’ve tried to join 6 so far & it has worked. Europe countries are easy to join. Oddly, Canada is the most difficult one to join if you’re international user. They want to verify your account via phone number/security code that is being sent to your phone.
    But the code message never makes it. International messages are being blocked. It’s a well known issue.
    Do you have any tricks how to make that work?

    Japan was impossible to join for me – They use somekind of local postal-codes, completely unique to asia, in hieroglyphics.
    Well, good luck joining that if you’re english speaker/keyboard user.

    It’s true that with Onelink tool you can connect multiple associates accounts.
    In most part it’s convenient.
    One of the HUGE disadvantages is that the item you are advertising might be available in Amazon US but it’s not available in Amazon UK store.
    So, what will happen – Your audience is being sent to their nearest shop but merchandise might not be there.
    It likely means instantly missed revenue.

    However, customer service is very nice, plus they made international direct deposits possible. No hassle with payments.
    Once you get things set up there & running, it’s a pleasure to run business as Amazon affiliate.

    • Hey Henry,

      Yes, unfortuneately most of what you have listed above is true – If you are running a website across multuple counties it does appear that there is no real way to absolutely ensure that you are not leaving commissions on the table if an item is not available in that country – especially if you cannot control where they end up.  I live in Australia and the Australian site does not link via one-link however whenever someone clicks on my U.S links in my site from Australia, it does come here but does also go to my Australian account so hopefully not all is lost.

      I had not trouble with Canada  – messages came to my phone no problems – might be your carrier.  Japan I looked at quickly and to be honest , gave up before trying.  

      Thanks so much for yot comments – I will actually go through your comments again and update my site with some of your remarks to round it out more of what to be aware of.

      Thanks again



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